Men's Watches: The Style Statement That Stands the Test of Time

Men's Watches: The Style Statement That Stands the Test of Time

Watches are that invisible crown that you wear on your wrist every day!!!

For some people watches are a serious addiction that they will never give up. And why should they? The timeless elegance that sparks out of stunning watches never goes out of style, even a century later. If minimal style is your agenda for your fashion statement, then a classic watch for men is a must-have in your wardrobe. 

Nothing replaces the aura generated by a classic timeless watch that narrates the story of impeccable craftsmanship and ethereal designs. These timeless timepieces can be buckled into any time. Practically speaking, you don’t need a wristwatch only to display time. That can be easily done through the smart devices that we all own these days. There is more than a time display a wristwatch generates, a true reflection of your personality and confidence. 

Tremendous technological innovations have given birth to new-age wristwatches that boast of latest features. But still, if you look in detail, discerning gentlemen always get attracted to the timeless elegance of the branded watch marques’ classic collections. So when men’s New Year watches are there in your mind, you simply cannot ignore the magic of Sylvi watches. 

Why do we need to Wear Watches?

Being a watch lover, I always get this question from people around me. Well if you answer it practically, watches are the best way to check the time without much hassle. I understand you will tell me that we can always check time from our smartphones at any moment. 

My return question to you would be, is it really any moment?

Supposedly, you are in the middle of an important business meeting and you want to check the time. Trust me, it would have a very bad impression if you took out your smartphone and clicked the display button to check the time. That’s when the wristwatch becomes your saviour. There are many ways to check the time from your wristwatch without drawing any bad impression. 

Another situation is that suppose you are on a public commute and it’s very crowded. Believe me, you will dread the moment to take out your smartphone from your pocket or your bag to check the time. Nothing is better than your wristwatch to know the time during that situation. 

Like the above two, there are hundreds of distinct reasons I can give you why you will feel the need to wear a wristwatch apart from carrying your smartphone. Our eyes are mostly glued to our smartphones or laptops majority of the day. It is so peaceful to be away from it to check the time from your wristwatch, even if it is for a few seconds only. 

Why Men’s Watches will never go Out of Style?

New Year and Christmas are ringing soon and all you have been thinking what to wear during this festive season. Definitely purchasing a new men’s watch is on your list but you are also worried that if the watch goes out of style within a short span of time. If it is a non-branded watch, then I definitely cannot guarantee that it will remain in style. However, if you purchase a good quality branded watch that has a reliable customer base, trust me those ethereal timepieces will never go out of style. 

Timeless wristwatches have always been in style for hundreds of years so you are rest assured your wristwatch is there to stay. My reasons for its always being in style are as follows:

Nothing is as Timeless as Watches

Trust me this reason is indeed true to the capital ‘T’. Classic wristwatches always narrate a rich history. If you go deep down the pages of history, wristwatches have there in existence ever since 16th century Europe after upgraded from portable clocks. Initially, they were worn on chains around the neck, and pocket watches became one of the elite status symbols. From pocket watches to wristwatches, it has come a long way and after its mass production, it became one of the must-have accessories. 

Wearing a Sylvi watch you will get that similar timeless feel that can never be replaced with any other accessory. 

The Best Fashion Statement

It’s a myth and is considered to be the biggest mistake by many people who think that wristwatches will become obsolete in the era of smartwatches. But the actual picture is just the opposite my friends as classic wristwatches are there to stay always and will never be out of style. Yeah, it is true that they are always the most useful tool to check time on a regular basis, but stylish watches for men have always been the most sought-after fashion statement. 

Sylvi watches are extremely stylish and reliable as well. When you wear a Sylvi watch, you can be sure that you will never go unnoticed. People will definitely turn their heads towards you, no matter where you are. Sylvi watches can be perfectly worn with formal attires as well as perfectly with a casual t-shirt and jeans. 

Watches are the most Practical Accessory

Wristwatches still have retained their uncompetitive place even with smartphones there in your pocket. Nothing is better and easier than fast glances on your wristwatches to check the time. Whether you accept it or not, checking your phone even for a few seconds to check the time is always distracting amidst important. At least I have felt that pretty clearly. But with a wristwatch in my hand, there is absolutely no room for distraction and missing some important conversation. 

Sylvi watches serve as the most perfect accessory that has many features apart from checking time and definitely being extremely stylish. 

Jewellery is to Women what Watches are to Men

Jewelleries are an integral part of every woman’s life ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. In simple words, ladies love adorning themselves with different kinds of jewelleries on every occasion as well as in their regular lives. Similarly, for the majority of men, watches are the most prized jewellery that they own (apart from their wedding ring or some heirloom ornaments). 

Many men proudly call themselves hoarders of classic timepieces and they simply treasure them as priceless ornaments. It's not that women do not wear watches, but men will seldom go to any special occasion or go out in their regular lives without wearing a stunning wristwatch. Sylvi watches are the most treasured piece of jewellery that men own and they will always treasure them with care all of their lifetime. 

Why do you need a Sylvi Watch?

Not only this festive season of Christmas and New Year but also for all the year round, your life is literally incomplete without a Sylvi watch. Because truth be told, Sylvi watches are there to stay and test the period of time. They are meant to be durable and long-lasting, that puts a lasting impression around your peers. 

If you are in search of some unique designs then you should definitely check the ‘Imperial’ collection, ‘Elegadoom’ collection, and ‘Iconic’ collection of watches from Sylvi. These collections I can guarantee you will never go out of style. 

It's like for fashionable men, designer wristwatches from Sylvi are their signature fashion statement that will never go out of style. It is like you will willingly replace your old iPhone with the latest model of iPhone, but you will never replace your luxury watch for men

Adorn wristwatches from Sylvi like the most prized wristwatches and never be out of style!!!


  • What type of straps are used to make Sylvi watches?
  • Sylvi watches are renowned for their versatile style and are made with different types of strap materials available in the market. The different straps available in Sylvi are leather straps, stainless steel straps, mesh straps, PU straps, silicone straps, and nylon straps. With so many options to choose from, you can definitely purchase any of them as per your needs and budget. 

  • Are Sylvi watches highly expensive?
  • If you compare with the price of non-branded men’s watches, then definitely Sylvi watches are expensive in comparison to them. However, if you consider the prices of luxury watches for men, then Sylvi watches are very affordable without compromising on the quality of the wristwatches. 

  • Why you should invest in a Sylvi watch?
  • Sylvi Watches is the best watch brand in India that is worth the investment. You will never regret buying a Sylvi watch I can assure you. Sylvi is a very reliable brand that has more than 5 lakhs of satisfied customers and is available in major e-commerce platforms in India apart from their website. All Sylvi watches are exclusively made in India by the finest craftsmen. So definitely, Sylvi watches are worthy of investment of your hard-earned money. 

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