7 Things to Consider When Shopping for Luxury Watches for Men Online

7 Things to Consider When Shopping for Luxury Watches for Men Online

Are you planning to buy your first-ever luxury watch? Or is this another addition to your marvelous growing collection of fine timepieces? Or is it just to make yourself feel special and luxurious? A luxury watch for men is something that would give a proper picture for your hunt for investment to something that would be the family heirloom. 

I am completely unbiased and not judging your reason to buy a luxury watch. But trust me, buying that perfect luxury watch is way more complex and scrupulous than by just swiping your credit card. There is a huge pool of luxury watch brands in the world and a plethora of collections from each one of them. And the majority of these come with complex terminology to confuse your head a thousand times. If this was not enough, all of them come with names that would break your teeth to pronounce. 

Speciality about Luxury Watches

It’s the biggest myth of people to consider luxury wristwatches come with spending a huge amount of money. I am here to bust this myth. Luxury watches revolve all around that feeling of royalty and exquisite quality that you won’t find with any other normal watch brand. You don’t always have to burn a hole in your pocket to own a luxury watch. The best designer watches for men should succeed in providing you that priceless comfort along with unbeatable performance. 

Sylvi men’s watches are all about luxury and remarkable performance without costing a fortune. So if you are looking for the best luxury watches for men in India then look nowhere other than Sylvi watches. I am here to make your job easy by helping you with essentials that you would consider while buying a luxury watch. 

Things to consider when buying a Luxury Watch 

There are tons of aspects that need to be kept in mind while purchasing a luxury timepiece for men. Let’s delve into those in detail:

Take a look at your budget

It is the foremost aspect to consider before buying a luxury watch is to fix your budget with your ease. A luxury watch can cost you a few crores even if you have the budget to splurge. However, you can also get a fine luxury watch in India by spending within 2000 INR if you choose the right luxury brand. Sylvi watches are considered to be the best luxury watch at an affordable price range. 

Shape of the Dial

Gone are those days when men’s wristwatches should only have round dials. Nowadays, brands love to experiment with different dial shapes and appearances. Square and rectangular dials are very much in demand along with the classic round dials. Transparent dials are also of huge craze these days as you will be able to see all the mechanisms inside. 

Sylvi watches comes in every shape and size to fit all your requirements. They have the best watches for office wear that would give you the most stylish look. 

Display – Analog or Digital

The display of the watch is another important aspect while buying a luxury watch. If you are going out on a casual outing with your friends or loved ones, you can always go for digital wristwatches. It would provide you the luxury of comfort and be stylish always. 

If there is an official meeting to attend in the office or a wedding to be a part of, the analog watch should be your perfect companion. These timeless timepieces are never out of time and would always give you that classic luxurious look. 

Material of the strap or band

Nothing matches a leather strap watch for men. It is timeless, stylish, and the most luxurious one you would ever come across. It is indeed the most loved strap and has its grace. Though the leather strap is the most unbeatable one, in summer months when you sweat it would damage eventually. So during summer, silicone watches and nylon watches are a great choice. 

There are also high-end stainless steel straps that would give you a superior and robust look to your entire outfit. Suppose you have a business conference to attend, trust me nothing would beat the charm of a stainless steel strap watch. Metal straps are the perfect all-rounder that highlights your masculinity in every way possible. 

Sylvi has a huge collection of watches with different strap materials that come with the most vibrant colors. From superior quality leather watches to high-end stainless steel straps, to the most durable silicone bands, and even nylon straps, there is everything in Sylvi to choose from. 

Movement of the Watch

If you have a soft corner for retro stuff, then you can always opt for mechanical watches. They would have springs and cogs in order to power the movement of the watch and the hands need to be wound every day. There are people who enjoy this minority with rituals. Automatic luxury watches are also a great choice where you don’t have to wind it yourself. All you need is to put them on your wrist and the watch would wind themselves with the help of a motion sensor. 

Nowadays, the most powerful watch movement to choose from is the quartz movement which is immensely used by the majority of brands. They work with batteries that usually last for 12 to 36 months depending on the usage. They give accurate timing and a much lesser in price making it a popular choice for everyone. 

Sylvi watches work with Japanese Quartz movement and a high-end battery that would last a long time and would give the most accurate time. Most watches work with the quartz movement to give actual readings. If you are looking for a formal watch, this blog can help you: A Guide to Formal Watches for Men.

Features of the Watch

Another important criterion while selecting a luxury watch for men is to know about the features of the wristwatch. Good quality luxury watches provide you with something more apart from just displaying time. You always don’t need your smartphone to set an alarm or use the stopwatch or even check the date. Luxury watches these days are multifunctional that provide you with these features apart from showing time. 

Sylvi watches are extremely renowned for their multifunctional features along with the display of time. They come with a stopwatch, an alarm, a date calendar display, and also water resistant. Few of the Sylvi watches comes with Chronograph functionality. The sports watches from Sylvi are the best multifunctional luxury watch at an affordable price range. 

Design and Quality

The major decision while buying a luxury watch is obviously its design and quality. These are two essential aspects that can never be ignored no matter what the price is. Watches for men these days comes in different size, shape, and vibrant colors. Along with the basic black and brown, men’s watches come in bright colors as well. Men these days not only prefer sleek and elegant look but also carries confidently bold and glamorous looks. 

Quality is another aspect of luxury wrist watches for men that can never be compromised. Can you imagine that you are purchasing a luxury wristwatch that doesn’t give quality products? You need to make sure that the watch should perfectly blends with all outfits and would also live up to its performance. 

Sylvi watches are extremely renowned for their breathtaking styles, vibrant colors, and also powerful performance. There are different collections of Sylvi watches that boast luxury in every possible way. When ultimate luxury is there in your mind, you should definitely go for the Vogue, Imperial, Iconic, Rig One-O-One, and Sports Watches from Sylvi. 

Handpicked Luxury Watches from Sylvi

You are now well aware of the points to consider before buying luxury wristwatches for men. So let me ease up your job a little bit by selecting a few of my favorite Sylvi watches exclusively for you. 

  • Sylvi Vogue Rosegold
  • Sylvi Horizon Coffee
  • Sylvi Imperial Black
  • Sylvi Iconic Brown
  • Sylvi Rig One ‘O One White Crystal
  • Sylvi Frist Camogreen


  • What is the movement of luxury watches from Sylvi?

All the luxury watches from Sylvi work with the Japanese Quartz Movement and has lithium-ion batteries that last a very long time and shows accurate timing. To ensure the exact timing of the watch it is always advised to keep it away from scorching heat as much as possible. 

  • What type of occasion can you wear Sylvi luxury watches?

Sylvi luxury watches can be worn in any occasion irrespective of your age. There are different collection of Sylvi watches that would fit different occasions based on your needs and purposes. Sylvi watches are made for people of every age group. 

  • How should you take care of Sylvi watches?

Sylvi watches are known to stood against the time and are timepieces that can be treasured to pass on to the next generation. They can be used daily. It is always advised to wipe the watch with a clean cloth in order to remove specs of dirt and sweat after every usage. This way the watch would last quite a long time. 

  • What is the specialty of Sylvi watches?

Sylvi watches are renowned for their unique designs and remarkable performance. The designs are such that you will never find them anywhere else. Especially the Imperial Collection and Timegrapher Collection have designs that will take your breath away and are known for their uniqueness. 

  • What are the functionalities one can find in Sylvi watches?

There are different types of Sylvi watches that come with different functionalities. All the analog watches come with a date display. There are Chronograph watches as well. The digital watches and sports watches come with an alarm, a stopwatch, a date calendar display, an LED backlight, and water resistant up to 3 ATMs. 

Exquisitely crafted luxury wristwatches are there to last a lifetime and Sylvi watches are your perfect luxury partner. With Sylvi watches there is absolutely no room to compromise on comfort and quality. 

So get a Sylvi Watch for yourself that keeps on shining time and time again!!!

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