The Future of Watch Advancements: Silicone Watches for Men

The Future of Watch Advancements: Silicone Watches for Men

Timekeeping has always been the most important part of human civilization for thousands of years. There were several methods applied by ancient civilizations to keep track of the time such as water clocks, sundials, and hourglasses to measure time. Eventually, it led to the invention of watches that literally took the world of timekeeping to the next level ever imagined. With the help of wristwatches, timekeeping became accessible to the masses, easy to understand, gave accurate timing, and most importantly was portable. 

Slowly over time, wristwatches became an inevitable part of society that was not only used to keep track of the time but also considered to be a fashion statement and a status symbol for both men and women. They have also been used as a navigation tool and were extensively used in the aviation industry, diving industry, and space exploration. 

The silicone watches from Sylvi are a living example of the technological advances done on wristwatches in modern times. They look extremely stunning, come in a varied range of vibrant colors, and have remarkable features, that make them a complete package. 

History of Quartz Wristwatches

Wristwatches have actually stood the test of time and have managed to grab the interests and hearts of horology experts and lovers for more than centuries. When mechanical watches came into existence it was very limited and very expensive, which only the elite and affluent people could afford. Swiss watches were a couture dream that only the rich people owned. Then in the late 1960s, engineers started working independently in Japan, Switzerland, and the United States on electronic components with a vision to reinvent wristwatches. 

Then in 1969, the Japanese watch company Seiko invented the first ever Quartz watches that took the entire market at the rage. It was the first time ever that wristwatches were available to the masses as quartz watches were affordable. Everyone’s dream of owning a wristwatch became true with the birth of a quartz analog watch. And nothing stopped after that. Then came the digital watch with multifunction features. Unlike mechanical watches, quartz watches were not required winding daily. Only the battery needs to be replaced every 2-3 years. 

Initially, wristwatches were made with leather straps and stainless steel bands. Then came the rubber straps and nylon straps. Modern innovations gave birth to silicone strap watches that opened a completely new genre for watch lovers. There was a separate category of sports watches that got a truly warm response from sports and watch lovers across the globe. Finally, came the smartwatches with a truckload of features and synced with smartphones literally controlling the entire world from your wrist. With the advent of smartwatches, it gave birth to connected watches. 

Have Silicone Watches lost their craze over Smartwatches?

To answer this question, I would ask you a simple question first. Do you ditch your gold jewelry just because there are different types of jewelry these days? Never right. There is a separate charm for gold jewelry that will always hold its crown. Similarly, silicone watches with quartz movement will never lose their charm and will always be in demand from watch lovers amidst the craze of smartwatches. 

If you are silicone wristwatches with different categories then you should definitely look for the collection from Sylvi. I can assure you will get different categories of watches with silicone bands that would blow your head with stunning designs, vibrant colors, remarkable features, and attractive pricing. So let’s dive into the specialty of silicone strap watch from Sylvi. 

Sylvi – the Future of Silicone Watches

Very few men’s watch brands in India have the brand presence and popularity of Sylvi watches. And why not? The impeccable products they deliver deserve all these applauses and hype. You would undoubtedly get the best silicone watches for men in India from Sylvi. 

Men’s watches with silicone strap from Sylvi are available in different categories like analog-digital watches, casual digital watches, and sports watches. Many people believed that silicone straps would only mean smartwatches. Sylvi busted that myth and produced different categories of silicone watches that would suit everyone’s needs. Now all people are not comfortable with smartwatches but would love to own a different category of watch in silicone bands. Sylvi is for them. 

Different Categories of Sylvi Watches with Silicone Straps

Silicone strap watches not counts for sports watches only, there are other types of watches as well that comes with silicone straps. At Sylvi, you will get a plethora of options when it comes to wristwatches in silicone straps. The silicone straps from Sylvi are made from premium quality silicone that are extremely comfortable to wear, flexible, strong, and long-lasting. They sit around your wrist like the second skin and doesn’t get damaged in extreme weather condition. And most importantly silicone bands from Sylvi come in a varied range of vibrant colors. 

  • Analog-Digital Watches: Analog-Digital Watches from Sylvi with silicone bands are always their bestsellers because of their versatility and multifunction features. They start from 800 INR and go up to 1499 INR making it possible for everyone to own it. They come with different features like both analog and digital displays, an alarm, a stopwatch, dual time zone, and water resistance of 3 ATMs. 
  • Sports Watches: The sports watches from Sylvi are one of a kind and are extremely renowned among sports lovers in India. They are the perfect companion for sports lovers and health enthusiasts. Many people don’t want to wear smartwatches because of so many features yet want the basic ones to keep on track. For them, sports watches from Sylvi at an affordable price are the best option. It comes with an analog-digital display, a date week calendar, an LED light, a luminous display, an alarm, a stopwatch, a 12/24 hour time format, and water resistance of 3 ATMs. 
  • Casual Digital Watches: Those who do not want watches with index marks can always go for the complete digital watches from Sylvi. They are the recent launches from Sylvi and come in a variety of colors. They have a digital display, an LED light, a stopwatch, an alarm, a date display, and water resistance of 3 ATMs. 

Collections that are Worth Trying

Now that we know about the different categories of Sylvi watches that have silicone straps let us look into the Collections that would help you to find your favorite silicone watch

  • Evoke: The most recent launch from the house of Sylvi is the ‘Evoke’ Collection of complete digital watches. And with this collection, Sylvi makes an entry into unisex watches in India. They come in 5 attractive colors grey, teal blue, sap green, black, and pink. The stylish look of these watches makes them perfect to wear for both men and women. They come in a matte finish colorful silicone strap and a black stylish round dial. 

This range of watches is the perfect epitome of innovation and fashion and is a perfect smart addition to your collection. It has a complete digital display, a date display, an LED light to get the perfect vision in low light, a stopwatch, an alarm, a 12/24 hour display, and 3 ATMs water resistant. 

  • Rig One ‘O One: Another striking collection of silicone watches from Sylvi is the Rig One ‘O One collection. For those who don’t want to wear broad sports watches and prefers a sleek look in silicone bands, this collection is absolutely perfect for them. They come in 6 different color combinations and also are the only collection that has transparent watches. It has both analog and digital displays, an alarm, a stopwatch, a date display, luminous light, and 3 ATMs water resistant. 
  • Frist, Race Master, and Protimer: These 3 collections of Sylvi watches fall under the sports watches category. They have colorful silicone straps that make them a perfect companion for sports lovers and health-conscious people. These watches are your perfect companion during adventure activities. All of them have both analog and digital displays, a date calendar display, an LED light, a 12/24 hour format, a stopwatch, an alarm, a luminous display, and 3 ATMs water resistant. 

I have also shared the links of my favorite collection of silicone watches so that it will be helpful for you. 

  • Sylvi Evoke Teal Blue

  • Sylvi Rig One ‘O One White Crystal 

  • Sylvi Frist Camogreen 

  • Sylvi Race Master Grey

  • Sylvi Protimer Z Black 

    So be the next generation winner with the technologically advanced silicone watches from Sylvi!!!

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