Sylvi Time Carnival (STC) 28th September - Biggest Watch Sale

Sylvi Time Carnival (STC) 28th September - Biggest Watch Sale

Hello Watch Lovers, It's that time of the year when happiness spreads faster. This festive season makes your life more sparkling with Sylvi watches.

And why not?

After all, it is the 8th Anniversary sale of Sylvi. This Sylvi Time Carnival is all about a bling lifestyle with the super stylish Sylvi watches. For the first time ever, the makers from Sylvi are giving a 20% discount on all of their products on the website and store. 

So finally, you can say, ‘I have conquered time with a Sylvi Watch.’

This amazing Sylvi's 8th Anniversary Mega Sale is available only for 24 hours on 28th September. You will get an extra 20% discount on all the products and you can avail of this fantastic offer even if you are a new customer or our previous customer. 

All our customers are valuable to us. It is because of these valuable customers that Sylvi has achieved this brand name in all these 8 years. It is because of your immense love and trust towards our products and your valuable recommendations, that Sylvi has reached this height of success within such a short span of time. Your valuable support of us and our products has made Sylvi one of the best watch brands in India

Now it is our time to make you feel special with the same amount of love that you have showered on us for all these years. All our customers are equally special to us irrespective of their background. So be it you our new customer or our existing customer, everyone will get an extra 20% discount on all the products for 24 hours on 28th September

So set up your timers, watches, reminders, alarms, whatever you have, and do not forget to visit our website on 28th September to avail this offer. Make this festive season special with Sylvi watches for yourself and your loved ones. 

Sylvi Time Carnival - Biggest Watch Sale

Background of Sylvi Watch Brand

Sylvi is the brainchild of two watch enthusiasts and hardworking entrepreneurs who identified the huge gap in the horology industry in India. With so many watch brands here in India the majority of their products were not manufactured in India and were imported from outside India. 

That gave birth to Sylvi in 2015 where luxury meets precision and innovation. Sylvi as an organization has taken immense pride in its Indian culture and roots and in bringing the local craftsmanship back into the market. The craftsmen at Sylvi made world-class products and busted the myth that luxury watches should be in a sky-high price range. 

Each and every product was manufactured here in India by the best in the market who have happily taken the challenge to produce exquisite watches with intricate details. Our watches are available on our website and also on other eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Ajio, and Jio Mart. 

We have successfully achieved several milestones in this span of 8 years and the most promising one is getting embraced with the love and affection of more than 6.56 lakh customers. Initially, Sylvi started with men’s watches but gradually we launched different collections and now we also manufacture Unisex watches as well. 

Why should you wait for the Sylvi Time Carnival sale?

This Sylvi Time Carnival is indeed the best to Conquer your Time. If you are a watch lover like me and Sylvi is your favorite brand then you should definitely not miss this sale to grab some of the latest launches from the house of Sylvi. I know very well once you own a Sylvi watch you cannot sit calmly with only one. You will definitely crave other varieties of Sylvi watches. And what better time to purchase them apart from this 8th-anniversary sale?

Apart from this, this anniversary sale is the best time to purchase premium watches at an extra 20% discount price. If you don’t have a 'Timegrapher collection' yet, then trust me this is the best time to make it yours. Another favorite collection of mine that I will suggest you should not miss is their ‘Imperial’ collection. Trust me, if you do not have a Timegrapher collection and an Imperial collection watch, then your wardrobe is seriously missing that spark that will make you shine like a king. 

Do you have a sporty girlfriend who is always looking for stylish accessories? Then this festive season makes her the style icon with the ‘Evoke’ collection of watches. These watches are unisex, available in bright and vibrant colors, extremely fashionable, have amazing features, and are surely out of the world price range. 

In the world of smartwatches, the Evoke collection of watches is a breath of fresh air with a complete digital display and 5 ATM water resistance. With silicone bands and vibrant colors, this watch will look great on both men and women. This collection will also be amazing for young boys and girls as well. 

Our sports watches collection is also one of our best sellers that you should never miss purchasing during this time of carnival. Nothing is greater than having a trusted companion for a health enthusiast and an adventure lover to own a Sylvi Sports Watch at an extra 20% discount during this 8th-anniversary sale. 

If you prefer a rugged look, then you should definitely check our Iconic, Velocity, Horizon, and Hawk collection of analog digital watches. These watches are truly one of a kind that you will never find with any other brand. If you are someone who prefers a formal look or a formal-casual look, then you should surely purchase our Timegrapher Chronograph watches. These watches will never disappoint you and you will never regret purchasing them. 

Everyone has different reasons to purchase Sylvi watches however whatever may be your reason for purchase, you should definitely not miss this once-in-a-lifetime offer of the 8th Anniversary sale with an extra 20% discount on all the products for 24 hours on 28th September. 

This Sylvi Time Carnival is truly indeed Your moment to Conquer the Time. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Set up a reminder for 28th September at 12.00 AM to visit Sylvi's official website and be a part of our 8th Anniversary Celebrations!!!


  • What makes Sylvi watches stand out from other brands in the market?
    Sylvi watches stand out because they are proudly manufactured in India, embracing local craftsmanship and offering luxury and precision at an affordable price point. Our dedication to quality and innovation sets us apart from other watch brands.

  • Can I avail of the 20% discount during the Sylvi Time Carnival if I'm a first-time customer?
    Absolutely! The 20% discount during our 8th Anniversary sale is available to both new and existing customers. We value all our customers and want to make this celebration inclusive for everyone.

  • What are some recommended Sylvi watch collections to consider during the sale?
    We have a wide range of collections to suit different tastes. If you're a watch enthusiast, don't miss our Timegrapher and Imperial collections. For sporty individuals, the Evoke and Sports Watch collections are fantastic choices. If you prefer a rugged or formal look, explore our Iconic, Velocity, Horizon, Hawk, or Timegrapher Chronograph watches.

  • Are there any special features in the Evoke collection for sporty individuals?
    Yes, the Evoke collection offers stylish, unisex watches with vibrant colors and impressive features. These watches have a complete digital display, 5 ATM water resistance, silicone bands, and a sleek design. They are perfect for both men and women who appreciate fashionable and functional accessories. 

  • How can I ensure I don't miss out on the Sylvi Time Carnival sale on September 28th?
    To ensure you don't miss this incredible sale, set a reminder for September 28th at 12:00 AM and visit Sylvi's official website, It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy an extra 20% discount on all our products and be a part of our 8th Anniversary Celebrations!


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