5 Most Stylish Indian Cricketers in 2022

5 Most Stylish Indian Cricketers in 2022

Male Cricketers in India are nothing less in style than the most famous and stylish Bollywood Actors. Everything about them makes news. Long gone are the days when Cricket was all about white uniforms, white shoes, and white caps with no touch of glamour in them. Eventually, glamour stepped into the game, and with that touch of color and style, it has become the most fashionable game not only in India but also across the globe. You will never see the Men in Blue out of style these days and they are giving the Bollywood stars a big run for their money and the business houses are highly interested to collaborate with them. Here is the list of the 5 most stylish Indian Cricketers in 2022:

K L Rahul

This talented champ has his own style game and can pull off any look with ace fashion and confidence. The above picture is the best example of how to carry any look with confidence and make it the most glamorous. A classic black watch, a black hoodie, and a trimmed beard will give tough competition to any male models in the glamour industry. The confidence and the relaxed demeanor in this complete look are nothing less than to cause heartache. With his impeccable styling sense, he can give any professional model or Bollywood actor a run for their money.

Virat Kohli

There is no denying the fact that he is one of the finest leaders in the Indian Cricket Team but he leads the fashion game off the field as well. With the fitness of tough as iron, this man has the capability to pull off any look. The above set of looks is not only about a contemporary set of sports attires and the latest stylish sneakers, but also about the confidence in the way he carries them that makes them the most fashionable ensemble. Whenever he is clicked with his ever stylish actress wife, his fashion statement has never been dulled off and has always been in the limelight.

Hardik Pandya

This all-rounder with his flamboyant lifestyle has become the most favorite Gen X Cricketer who pulls off the fashion game like a pro to whom the youth of the nation follows for fashion trends. His style quotient is way too different from his teammates and that's what puts him in the limelight. Though he is often spotted wearing long jackets, funky prints, and adorning profligate accessories, the above look is the finest example of pulling off formal looks with super glamour. Previously he was also famous for adorning outrageous hairstyles however after facing hair loss and getting a hair transplant done, he is carrying small hair looks sans color with super style.

Shikhar Dhawan

If you are a renowned celebrity, then every look matters don't matter whether you are on a casual holiday, at the airport, or a formal event. Your style game has to be perfect despite any situation and our very own Gabbar from the Men in Blue with his signature moustache knows this very well. Who says side-facing pictures cannot grab eyeballs cause the above capture not only grabbed our eyeballs but also blew our minds? He has completely busted off the myth of yellow being the girl's color because he has already painted the town in yellow combining it with simple white khaki pants and a pair of wayfarers. With his athletic physique, he has managed to look dashing in every outfit and no one would say by seeing his style statement that he is 36 years old.

Rohit Sharma

This batsman with his flawless strokes also maintains his style game to be flawless as well. Rohit Sharma faced a lot of body shame for his shape of the body but despite all these criticisms he has proved to be one of the fittest cricketers with tough agility that is unmatchable and has definitely ruled the field with his batting strokes. Collaborating with brands like Oakley and Adidas, his sunglasses and shoes have made a huge style impact among youngsters. He has pulled off basics with complete style and the above picture is the best example of how to steal people's hearts with a basic white t-shirt, blue denim jeans, and a jacket. His sweet smile and signature beard are the icings on the cake.

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The above 5 cricketers have a great fan following and are the major trendsetters in fashion and style whom the youth follows a lot. Your confidence should be the best accessory you can adorn or else no matter how expensive and stylish your clothes or accessories are, it won’t make any mark. Don't overdo anything by wearing all colors or all the accessories together, keep it simple yet elegant. And that's the best way to be on the top charts of the fashion game.

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