Elevate Your Style Watch: Styling Tips for Men's Watches

Elevate Your Style Watch: Styling Tips for Men's Watches

In the realm of men’s fashion, one of the most elite pillars of men’s fashion is to style their watches.

As fashionistas all over the world say, there is something magical about those high-end Italian suave and those Swiss-made luxury watches. And not everyone has that impeccable ability to coordinate their threads with their stylish timepieces thereby displaying their ultra level of sophistication and taste. It is like the skill of separating a clueless Bello from a true Stallone.

Wouldn’t you agree that there is something skilful about someone who has the ability to command an entire room just by a wave of his arm and displaying their wrist candy?If you are someone who can do this it clearly reveals that you have the capability to know how to style watch in all situations.

Why is it important to style our Watch?

Now whether you believe it or not, there is a proper and definite way to style your watch. Because if you wear it in the wrong way, it will ruin your entire outfit and if it is your first impression then trust me, it will have an adverse effect. That is why it is essential to style watches for men in a proper way.

I know you might think that I am making it sound over complicated, but choosing the right watch for you and styling it properly is not a difficult task but not a cakewalk as well. You need to have proper knowledge of watch styling tips so that when you apply those, the majority of the job becomes easy. And if you follow it properly then you will be able to flaunt your new watch with full glory.

Watch Styling Tips

So if you are confused and looking for a watch style guide, I am here as your most trustable friend and confidant. You are at the right place and hence put all your worries at ease.

Pairing Watches with Traditional Indian Attire

When speaking about Indian men, how come we forget about traditional attire for both Indian men and women? Traditional Indian attire for both men and women is famous all over the world. And I won’t be mistaken if I say that accessories are solely made keeping in mind to match with Indian traditional attires. So there are exclusive men’s watches that are designed to match Indian traditional attires completely.

If you are wearing a classic black bandhgala or a gorgeous sherwani, you can always pair it with a black or brown leather strap with a gold or rose gold colour dial and a watch case. The type of the watch should be either an analog watch or a chronograph watch. That way the entire look would be perfect. Leather watches also look excellent with men’s kurta and trousers. You can wear chronograph watches with leather straps or analog watches with leather straps with traditional men’s Indian outfits.

Sylvi has a huge collection of leather strap watches in both analog and chronograph genres that would perfectly sync with your traditional outfits. These watches are ideal for weddings, engagement ceremonies, or pujas.

Dark Watches for Night and Light Watches for Day

This might sound unusual but trust me, if you follow this tip you will always be a step ahead of others. Let me make it simpler, tuxedos are best considered to be evening wear and men do not wear them at brunch. Similarly, a dark colour dial looks best on your wrist at night and vice versa. Sylvi has a huge array of dark-coloured watches as well as light-coloured watches that are ideal for both occasions.

Single Watch or Multiple Watch

The most important aspect that you should keep in mind while shopping for men’s watchis that if it is for daily wear purposes that will be your go-to option for every occasion or you will occasionally wear it along with other watches. There are many men who wear a different watch with their formal outfits and a different timepiece with their casual outfits. But there are people who prefer to use a single wristwatch with both formal and casual outfits. For them, it is important to make sure that their wristwatch doesn’t look out of place with any of the outfits.

Usually, a tan-brown leather strap analog watch would look best with any type of outfit, be it formal or casual. Similarly, black strap watches can be effortlessly teamed up with any type of outfit.

However, if you are purchasing a wristwatch to increase your collection or purchase more than one, it is better always to go for specific looks and flaunt several categories and styles of wristwatches.

Leather Strap or Stainless Steel Strap

Another most controversial point in the watch industry is to judge whether a leather strap is better or a stainless steel strap. If you are not comfortable in bold colour watches and prefer neutral watches, then the best options are leather straps or stainless steel straps. Even recently mesh straps are also too much in demand. The major factor is that all of these look highly sophisticated, classy, and versatile enough to go with any type of outfit.

Generally, it is said that if you are wearing a metal watch, the colour of your belt buckle and cufflink should match the metal strap of the watch. And if you are wearing a leather watch, your belt and shoes should match the leather strap of the watch. When you wear the watch you should take care of these details.

Sylvi has a remarkable collection of leather straps, stainless steel straps, and mesh straps. However, the most exciting part is that at Sylvi not only you will get neutral colours but also bold and bright colours. Men are no more afraid to flaunt their bold colour watches, so why Sylvi be left behind?

Size and Shape of the Dial

The size and shape of the dial are considered to be one of the most vital points of styling a wristwatch. You should never wear a watch that is way too big or too small for your wrist size. Even the shape of the dial also matters with your wrist size. Supposedly, if you do not have a broad wrist, then rectangular watches won’t look good on you at all.

If you have a wider wrist, then larger dial watches would suit you the best. On the other hand, if you have a narrow wrist, then smaller dials would look good on you. So if you are looking forward to buy men’s watch online, then you should consider these points before making your purchase. Similarly, complete round dial watches look extremely well with formal outfits.

The watch collection from Sylvi comes in all sizes and shapes that will suit the needs of everyone and you can select one as per your choice. Sylvi has different shapes of watches apart from just simple round watches and trust me those will look good with all types of outfits.

Sports Watches

It’s an old concept to wear sports watches only during some sports or adventurous activities. Sports watches these days can be worn on a regular basis and on different occasions as well. They are no longer restricted to wear during sports activities only, but young men these days prefer to wear them during casual outings, get-togethers, travelling, mountain hikes, and treks.

The sports watches from Sylvi are one of their oldest collection of products and are still their best sellers and always in demand. The collections to look for are Fritz and Pro Timer. They are analog-digital watches with a date display, an alarm, a stopwatch, luminous indexes, and 3 ATM water resistance.

Always be the Style Icon by flaunting Sylvi watches as your wrist candy!!!


  • On which wrist you should wear your wristwatch?

There is no hard and fast rule to wear wristwatches on a particular wrist. You can wear it on your left wrist as well as your right wrist. Usually, people wear wristwatches on their non-dominant wrist to give a complete look.

  • What clothes to wear with a gold wristwatch?

A gold watch in your collection is an assertion piece and the best way to style it is to wear it with formal outfits. Gold watches look best on formal occasions, business meetings, and social affairs and are best to wear occasionally. You should not wear gold watches with a casual shirt and shorts. That would be a fashion faux.

  • Are transparent watches stylish?

Transparent watches are considered to be extremely stylish and unique and if you can style them properly with the right outfits, you will be the ultimate style icon. But keep in mind that transparent watches are not formal watches and should not be worn with your formal outfits. It will be a complete misfit and will lose the grace of the wristwatch. The best is to pair them with your casual outfits like a T-shirt and jeans, casual shirt and shorts. 

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