Explore What are Silicone Watches and Their Unique Features

Explore What are Silicone Watches and Their Unique Features

It is always best to take the roads that are less travelled. Cause you never know when there is a blessing waiting for you. And those off-beat tracks give you the best memory of your lifetime. Whether you are a mountain lover or an adventure lover, every trail has its own speciality. The backpack you carry, and the accessories you adorn influence a lot on the fond memories you make. 

Whether it’s an adventure trip, a jungle safari, a mountain trek, or even a high-altitude mountaineering expedition, every single element you carry with you counts a lot on your safety and success. During these journeys, timing is a very important factor that should be kept under control. And the best way to keep track is with the help of a high performing wristwatch. And that’s where silicone watches come into the picture. 

What is the role of Silicone Watches?

For every moment and situation, there are unique outfits and accessories that cannot be mixed with others. For example, you cannot wear your ethnic outfits and wear a leather watch for an adventure trip. That would be a complete misfit. When it’s all about an adventure trip, a jungle safari, a mountain trek, or even a high-altitude mountaineering expedition, nothing beats the strength, durability, and comfort of silicone watches for men. It seems like they are meant to be manufactured for these moments. 

Slipping over a rough trail or crossing a small trail of spring is very common during hikes and mountain treks. The harsh cold temperature along with strong UV rays during mountaineering expeditions is an inevitable part. Extreme heat and humidity are a must during a jungle safari or else there won’t be any wildlife spotting. Now do you want your luxury leather watch or stainless steel watch to get damaged by getting exposed to these extreme weather conditions and difficult encounters? Sylvi silicone timepieces are best for extreme weather conditions. 

This is the reason silicone strap watches are mostly preferred by people who go for these kinds of adventure activities. Silicone straps are known to be one of the most durable, comfortable, strongest, and breathable materials when it comes to making watch bands. 

Why Silicone Bands are an All-Rounder in Watch Industry?

It’s not a very long time since silicone watches have gained such immense popularity. These days it seems to be they are everywhere. They are not only restricted to sports watches and smartwatches, even Analog watches and Chronograph watches also are made with silicone straps. People are wearing them not only during adventure activities but also during casual outings. 

Stylish silicone watches are everywhere wherever you go irrespective of people’s age group these days. Silicone bands have been considered to be revolutionary, budget friendly, and easily available. Hence this is the reason they have become ubiquitous in watches. In the world of horology, including silicone in watch escapements in different proportions has been able to solve several challenging issues. 

Sylvi silicone watches are so comfortable to wear that it feels like the second skin around your wrist. High-end luxury watches brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Swatch ran a research programme to explore the marvellous qualities of monocrystalline silicone. Thus, silicone came into the world of watchmaking. 

Silicone watches not only gives accurate timing during normal temperatures but also in high heat and severe cold. They are mostly waterproof or water resistant making it an all-rounder for timepieces around the world. 

Can I use Sylvi Silicone Watches during Adventure Activities?

Absolutely Yes. 

The silicone timepieces from Sylvi are meant to be manufactured keeping in mind for the adventure lovers. The silicone straps that are used in Sylvi watches are made with premium quality synthetic rubber with the help of the compression moulding process. This is the reason all the silicone watches from Sylvi have such minute detailing and dimensional accuracy. They don’t get damaged either in high heat or cold temperatures and can also withstand humid weather conditions and are resistant to extreme sweat. 

Now you know my reasons why I have suggested Sylvi watches when it is to silicone straps. Another speciality of Sylvi silicone watches is that you don’t have to rob a bank to own these watches. They have been made for the masses and keeping in mind everyone’s budget. Even college goers with limited pocket money can afford silicone watches from Sylvi. 

The silicone watches from the house of Sylvi are multifunctional so you can use them for numerous other activities apart from just checking the time. The most striking part of this extraordinary brand in India is that their silicone watches are long-lasting, durable, strong, flexible, and extremely stylish. Now you might be wondering how come an adventure activity watch can look stylish. Now that’s the catch for Syli watches. 

They are not only stylish but also come in a wide range of vibrant hues that would get rid of all your Monday blues and high-altitude fears. Just imagine in the mid of a Himalayan trek, you are tired to walk for long hours and your mood gets brightened up just by checking the bright color watch you are wearing. Sometimes bright colors have the capability to brighten up your tired days as well. Trust me, for those days Sylvi silicone watches in bright colors are there for you. 

Remarkable features of Sylvi Silicone Watches

Sylvi silicone watches are multifunctional for every requirement. There are Sports Watches, Chronograph Watches, Analog-Digital Watches, and Digital Watches available in silicone bands from Sylvi. 

  • The chronograph ones come with 3 sub-dials separately displaying hours, minutes, and seconds. They have a 1/100th second working chronograph, a date display, split time, and 3 ATM  water resistance. 
  • The sports watches have both analog and digital displays, a stopwatch, an alarm, an LED light, a luminous display, a 12/24 hour time format, a date calendar display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 
  • The Analog-digital watches also have a stopwatch, an alarm, luminous light, a date display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 
  • The latest collection launched by Sylvi is their ‘Evoke’ collection which is their first unisex watch that has amazing looks. It has a complete digital display with impeccable craftsmanship. It has a date display, an LED light for low light vision, a stopwatch, an alarm, a 12/24 hour time format, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

All the above three types of watches can be used for different kinds of situations. The chronograph can also be used during formal events as well. All these watches are perfectly made for men of all ages. Their Evoke collection are unisex watches that can be easily worn by ladies as well. Apart from this the collections to look for are Rig One ‘O One, Pro Timer, Race Master, Timegrapher, and Frist. I can guarantee you will never ever regret with your purchase. 


  • Why you should choose silicone watches?
  • Silicone watches have many advantages compared to other types of straps. Since they easily work in extreme weather conditions, they don’t get damaged easily. Hence they are very strong, durable, and long-lasting. 

  • Is it safe to wear silicone strap watches?
  • It is completely safe to wear silicone strap watches as they are hypoallergenic, and they won’t cause any allergic reaction in people who have sensitive skin. Moreover, they are also anti-fungal hence no fungal outbreaks, and are very comfortable to wear. So you can safely wear silicone watches all day long during your adventure activities. 

  • How to clean silicone strap watches?
  • Silicone strap watches require very less maintenance and are very easy to clean. You can wipe it with any clean cloth after every use so that the band remains clean and dry without any sweat and dirt. Moreover, they are water resistant, they don’t absorb any type of water or sweat. This is the reason it is easy to clean and lasts a considerable time. 

    So now go to your favourite dream Himalayan Trek or High-Altitude Mountain Expedition and be on time and look stylish with Sylvi Silicone Watches beside you!!!

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