Compare Quartz vs Automatic Watch Movements, Meaning & Information

Compare Quartz vs Automatic Watch Movements, Meaning & Information

Men’s wristwatches are not just a stylish tool to check time, it is more of an incredible accessory of human ingenuity. The technology that has been applied to make a wristwatch work and show accurate timing is still a mystery to the majority of people. It is essential to know about esoteric subjects like the different movements of the watch so that you can choose as per your needs. It’s time to know the technology that’s going under the surface to make your precious watch tick. Today I am here to throw some light on quartz and automatic watches so that you know which one is better for you. 

Different Watch Movements

Before we start comparing a quartz watch and an automatic watch, it is important to know about the watch’s movements. There are 3 distinct movements that are applied to manufacture a wristwatch – mechanical, automatic, and quartz. 

  • Mechanical Watches: Mechanical watches are there since the very beginning of wristwatches. It requires daily winding to show actual timing. They are considered to be those traditional watches that are rare, expensive, and collectible watches. 
  • Automatic Watches: Automatic watches are the advanced version of mechanical watches where you don’t need to do the daily winding process. It will do on its own to display accurate timing. However, if there is a long gap to wear the watch, it will stop winding on itself and would require manual winding. 
  • Quartz Watches: Quartz watches are the most common watches that are to be found these days as they are affordable, require very less complex technology to work, and don’t require daily winding as they are battery-powered to showcase accurate timing. 

Brief History of Quartz Watches

Quartz watches have created an untold revolution in the history of watchmaking that nobody has ever imagined ever since its inception in 1969 by the famous Japanese brand Seiko. It literally challenged the perception of the industry regarding what a watch can be. These quartz calibers made in Japan were inexpensive, gave accurate timing, and were very easy to manufacture than the Swiss-made mechanical watches. 

The quartz watch movement gave the road to many new brands and interested consumers with excellent products. This led to everyone owning a wristwatch that gave a reliable performance and also a reasonable price. The quartz watches dominated the market in such an extent that the Swiss market almost broke down which led to the ‘Quartz Crisis’ during the 70s and 80s. 

Sylvi is one of the most sought-after watch brands in India that manufactures quartz men’s watches that are extremely reliable, powerful, affordable, and good-looking. 

What is a Quartz Watch and How Does it Work?

A quartz watch meaning a battery is used as the source of power and unlike a mechanical watch regular winding is not required. The batteries that are present inside the watch case of a quartz watch generate an electric signal to the quartz crystal. This causes vibrations of 32, 768 times each second which is further measured with the help of a circuit. Later these vibrations are converted to a single electric pulse each second. Hence the result is way far more accurate than mechanical watches. 

The vibrations produced causes oscillation which is motor driven thereby resulting in the movement of the hands on the watch face. Since there aren’t many parts involved it is less prone to breakage and repair. The main important components of a classic quartz watch are a battery, an integrated circuit, a quartz crystal, a stepping motor, and a dial train. 

Why is Quartz used in Watches?

The prime reason that quartz is used in watches is that the accuracy of quartz watches is a minimum of 100 times more accurate than other watch movement mechanisms and is also durable for a long time. People who prefer reliable men’s watches that would give accurate timing will always go for quartz watches. Sylvi is one such quartz watch company that uses this Japanese technology that produces remarkable long-lasting watches at the most attractive pricing. 

What is the meaning of the Quartz Movement?

The quartz movement is stated to those wristwatches that are powered with the help of batteries and apply electric current to work and display accurate timing. Seiko was the first ever brand to make mass production in the international watch market. This became so renowned that it compelled the Swiss brands to make their own quartz caliber, the Beta 21, and also other new models. Renowned luxury high-end watch brands like Omega, Longines, and Tag Heuer have their own lineage of quartz watches. 

Quartz Movements vs Automatic Movements

Both quartz and automatic watches are widely accepted by watch lovers across the globe. So let us see the difference between quartz watches and automatic watches. 

  • The quartz movement gathers its power from a battery that is placed inside the watch face. On the other hand, the automatic watch relies upon the energy generated from the wrist of the owner. With every movement, a rotor that is placed inside the caliber spins and the mainspring automatically spins. This energy is further released from the mainspring with the help of a barrel to the gear trains enabling the wristwatch to work. 
  • With the fixed vibration frequency of the quartz crystal, the timing is much more accurate than automatic movements. So if you don’t mind changing the battery every few years, they are a great option to choose. Whereas, automatic watches are considered to be the pinnacle of microengineering. These aesthetically built watches are not much overtaken by technology and are still in demand by watch aficionados. 
  • A quartz watch price is way less expensive in comparison to an automatic watch. They don’t need much maintenance like automatic watches. On the contrary, automatic watches are very expensive and only the elite rich people are able to own them in their collection. Moreover, you need to wear automatic watches on a regular basis, or if there is a long gap you need to manually wind it to display time. 
  • Both automatic and quartz watches are reliable though the battery from quartz watches doesn’t require any effort from its wearer. On the other hand, the advanced technologies used in automatic watches benefit immensely from days-long power reserves. So if you wear automatic watches on a regular basis, you won’t require to wind them daily, as they will automatically display time. 

Benefits of Quartz Watches

Both quartz watches and automatic watches are immensely preferred and many luxury brands have their collection of automatic and quartz watches. However, if given a choice I will always choose a quartz watch over an automatic watch. 

  • Accuracy: The accuracy of quartz watches is half a second and better than automatic watches which are off by a few seconds. Hence quartz watches are more reliable. A quartz analog watch from Sylvi shows extremely accurate timing and is very reliable. 
  • Longevity: A good quality quartz watch is very long-lasting and if maintained properly would last almost 20-30 years. The electrical components would eventually wear out. 
  • Price: The price of quartz watches is inexpensive as they are mass-produced. Whereas automatic watches are really expensive that cannot be afforded by normal people. A quartz watch can cost from a few hundred to even thousands. Whereas the price of automatic watches can be a few lakhs to even crores as well. 
  • Service: Quartz watches are very reliable and don’t require high maintenance, unlike automatic watches. The only service that a quartz watch requires changing the battery in a few years. Automatic watches are considered to be heirloom watches that can be passed to the next generation; however, a good quality quartz watch is also considered to be a valuable one to be passed to the next generation. 

Sylvi watches work with Japanese Quartz movement that showcases accurate timing and is very long-lasting. Sylvi offers a huge range of watches under different categories and very reasonable pricing. If given a choice, I will always select a Sylvi watch over an automatic watch.

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