Explore Best Nylon Strap Watches for Men - Perfect for Active Lifestyle

Explore Best Nylon Strap Watches for Men - Perfect for Active Lifestyle

In the world of horology, the latest entry is the nylon strap watches. The watchmaking industry has witnessed tremendous innovation over the past few decades that could never be imagined. If you are a watch enthusiast like me, then you must admit the desire of curating the perfect watch collection. And the most striking and fun of doing so is to own timepieces in different types of straps. Is there anything as too many watch straps for a watch aficionado?

Watch straps come in various options these days that includes leather straps, metal straps, silicone, and nylon. Many people would wonder if it is possible to wear a nylon strap watch. I would always say definitely you can wear them. Though in the watch industry, nylon have made the latest entry to make watch straps, but trust me nylon is one of the most versatile materials when it comes to impeccable designs and style. The striking part of nylon straps is that when you wear them it flawlessly melds comfort and remains together giving a fashionable edge to your entire outfit. 

The nylon strap watches from Sylvi are truly one of a kind and every watch lover should keep it in their collection. 

What is Nylon?

Before we discuss in details about nylon band watches, it is best to know something about nylon. It will help us to understand and choose our wristwatch. Nylon is a synthetic product made from plastic that is produced as fiber which further is made into fabrics. Thus, it is a chosen material to make watch straps. Nylon is a breathable material that is very strong, durable, and tough that gives a tough resistance to abrasion and wear. It is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. 

Why You should wear Nylon Strap Watches?

Watchmakers around the globe prefer nylon bands not just only of their looks but also because it has numerous benefits. Nylon straps have their own touch of unique elegance and stunning looks. You should wear a watch that should define your personality and when it comes to nylon watches, you simply can’t go wrong. You may like to read: What are Reasons People Wear Watches?

  • Nylon and rubber are the most breathable material when it comes to watch straps. Nylon straps are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and can be washed easily. It winds up around your wrist like the second skin. 
  • The most striking thing about nylon straps is that they come in varied ranges of colors. It is very easy to dye nylon material hence they are available in so many colors. 
  • Nylon straps can be cleaned very easily and also dries out very fast and the material also doesn’t get damaged. This is one of the reasons it is durable and long-lasting. 
  • Since nylon is a synthetic material that is woven into a fabric, it is quite strong and tough. More than that nylon doesn’t wear and tear easily hence another reason for its durability. 
  • If you live in a humid place you would be thankful to yourself that you are wearing a nylon watch. Trust me, you won’t feel like a thing while wearing a nylon watch. 
  • Nylon straps are also water resistant making it an excellent choice during swimming and other aquatic activities. They won’t get damaged. 
  • Apart from being comfortable, nylon strap timepieces are extremely stunning. With them, you are never out of the fashion game. 
  • Watches with nylon straps are extremely versatile which means you can wear them with any outfit on any occasion. 

Are Sylvi Nylon Straps Perfect for Your Active Lifestyle? 

Absolutely yes, Sylvi nylon strap wristwatches are perfect to maintain an active lifestyle. No one sits idle at home these days. Everyone is running for something most of the time. To keep track of your time withstanding all the pressures, the nylon watches from Sylvi should be your ultimate savior and choice. Sylvi has a huge collection of nylon men’s watches that are extremely stylish, have remarkable features, and have the most affordable pricing. The quality of nylon is of the best quality that lasts a long time. 

The USP of Sylvi watches for men is that they come in a huge range of colors to suit your every mood. The four most famous collection from Sylvi that has nylon straps are Iconic, Horizon, Hawk, and Velocity. All four collections are multifunction watches with numerous features. They are perfect to maintain an active lifestyle while being on time and fashionable. The best part of these collections is that they are so versatile that they can be worn with both formal and casual outfits while attending any event. Moreover, men of any age can wear this amazing collection of wristwatches. 

  • Iconic: Just as the name suggests, nylon watches from the ‘Iconic’ collection are truly iconic. You don’t have to think twice to purchase these collections of watches for yourself or to gift your loved one. They are appropriate to wear at your wedding or to gift someone at his wedding as well. They come in 5 distinct vibrant colors – blue, green, grey, white, and a combination of red, grey, and black. 

All the watches have both analog and digital displays and a black stainless steel dial. They have an alarm, a stopwatch, a date display, a 12/24 hour time display, a luminous display for clear reading, and 3 ATM water resistance. It has four buttons – a light button, a start/stop button, a reset button, and a mode change button. 

  • Horizon: This collection as of now has only one color combination in red, green, and black nylon straps. The face of the watch is truly beautiful and has amazing features. It has an analog-digital display, a luminant display at low light, a stopwatch, an alarm, and a 12/24 hour time display. 
  • Hawk: Just as the name suggests, this collection of watches has killer looks. They come in a unique combination of colors – black, silver black, and grey black. They also have analog-digital displays, a stopwatch, an alarm, a date display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 
  • Velocity: As the name suggests, a watch from this collection truly represents an active lifestyle. It comes in a grey-black combination nylon strap with a black silver dial that has the most unique look. It has silver indexes with both analog and digital displays, a stopwatch, an alarm, a date display, a LED light, a 12/24 hour display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

Let me share my favorite collection of nylon watches from Sylvi and I have purchased all of them. They are so attractive that you couldn’t stop with only one. 

  • Sylvi Velocity Grey Nylon
  • The high pace of your life should not stop at any point and this watch makes it worthwhile at every point. With a classic combination of black and grey nylon straps and a unique black silver dial, this timepiece is bound to its mark wherever you go.


  • Sylvi Horizon RGB Nylon
  • If you want a nylon strap watch with rugged looks this should be your ultimate choice. I have never seen such an amazing combination of watches with any other brand. Wearing this would give a bold look and contemporary flair. 


  • Sylvi Iconic Blue
  • This watch is all about royalty and blue blood. You simply cannot ignore the aura of this stunning piece. With a classic blue nylon strap and a black dial with shades of green display, this watch has taken fashion levels to a new height altogether. 


  • Sylvi Hawk Black Nylon
  • If you prefer simple, classic, monochrome colors and being fashionable, then you should definitely select this watch. With an all-black look, you simply cannot go wrong with this one. 


  • Sylvi Iconic White Nylon
  • This watch is not for the soft-hearted ones. Only if you are a brave heart and love to carry a bold look, then only go for this one. With a classic white nylon strap and a black stainless steel dial with white and green readings, this one is truly one of a kind. 


    The nylon strap watches from Sylvi are perfect for your active lifestyle while being fashionable!!!

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