Elevate Your Style: Expected Watch Trends for 2024

Elevate Your Style: Expected Watch Trends for 2024

‘To know a man upside down, keep an eye on the watch he is wearing.’

I think the above quote is enough to convey the importance and utility of actually investing in a men’s stylish watch. The right wristwatch would not only help you to check time accurately but also accentuate your entire attire with the right dose of elegance and style. 

Men loving watches are described as like bees are attracted to the honey pot, eagle-eyed watch fanatics are always in search of the picturesque glimpse of the most impressive timepieces. 

I know you find it hard to believe that December is here, and this year we have seen some marvellous and fascinating watch releases and excellent developments in the horology market. There are many watch trends that are slowly gaining popularity. 

What to Expect?

With 2024 ringing in, we expect some great and exciting surprises for all watch lovers. Men’s watch brands these days are not at all afraid to take the risk for some bold steps. Trends that have been moving quite slowly are expected to take a high pace in 2024. The trend that would rock and will make men crazy is that there will be more inclusion of watches with exotic dial colours. Even there would be remarkable developments with different materials and again people have started favouring small-size dials which went under the sheets for a while. 

Let me be precise with the watch trends for 2024 in detail.

Affordable Luxury

Now that’s a term that seems to be an oxymoron for a majority of people but it's actually a fact. Luxury watches for men don’t always have to be expensive, you can get luxurious quality watches from affordable brands like Sylvi. Their products would amaze you and might be wondering how come they manufacture such stunning watches at an affordable price. 

If you will see the recent graphs of the horology market, there has been a significant growth of almost 40%-60% in retail price. Due to inflation and the rise in interest rates, the demand for high-end watches has experienced a significant fall. It is true not everyone can afford those uber-expensive watches. Brands have decided to reconsider the price in order to increase sales. 

Simultaneously the need for affordable brands have increased and men love the idea that they can get designer luxury watches at an affordable price. That’s where brands like Sylvi steals the show. So what I expect is that there will be huge demand and sales of affordable men’s watches that will surely rule the market. If you are looking for a formal watch, this blog can help you: A Guide to Formal Watches for Men.

Say Hello to Colours

Like in 2023, different colour watches are there to stay and rule the watch industry. What I predict is that there will be more exotic colours in terms of both watch dials and watch straps. It's no more about the basic neutral colours that will go with every outfit. Nowadays there is a watch colour for your every mood and every weekday and every place you go. Colour has always been driven by fashion and depending on the colour that will be used, the popularity goes through distinct waves. 

So colours are the new essence for watches in 2024 and if you have not witnessed the magic of colours then you should definitely witness it. Sylvi has an entire palate of colours to give you a new face every day. So don’t be afraid and play with colours as they are the latest answer to a boring life. 


In 2023, we have seen some greatest brands collaborating together and producing some bestsellers. This would be taken in a more serious state with watches collaborating with famous designers in 2024. You will come across lots of limited edition collections of some luxury brands globally. 

Similarly, we have also seen local homegrown brands collaborating with influencers to engage more with their brands. This not only increases their brand value but also improves their sales. Sylvi is always open for collaborations with famous influencers and in 2024 this will be conducted on a considerable basis. 

Small Dials are Back

There was a time when huge dials were meant for men’s watches and small dials for women’s watches. Then with gender fluidity, women’s watches were also launched in huge dials. That trend went on for a long time and now again small dials are back in the picture not only with women’s watches but also with men’s watches. So 2024 will witness a huge launch of small dial watches that will be a the big craze among the watch lovers. 

Different Dial Shapes

It’s a thing of the past when watch dials were only available in round shapes. These days there is an array of different shapes available along with the classic round dials. Dials come in rectangular, square, octagonal shapes with 3d and 5d effects. 

Sylvi has taken this aspect to the next level with shapes and textures of dials that you will be amazed to see ever existed on a watch. From the curves of the mountains to the illusions of a mirage to the depth of the eclipse, our designers have taken the game to the next level imaginable. 

Love for Vintage

Everything vintage and classic is coming back to life and putting on a huge craze among watch enthusiasts. So mark my words friends when I say that there is nothing like old school or outdated when it comes to vintage classic design watches. All the ones that were a thing of the past are coming fresh out of woven with new aroma and magic. 

With the launch of Elegadoom, Sylvi has proved that they are the master storytellers in terms of heritage and class. In fact, when you wear vintage watches these days, people don’t think you as outdated rather they will know that you have an eye for priceless pieces. 

Minimalistic Designs

There is indeed magic in the line, ‘There is nothing but there is everything in it.’ Not every watch lives up to the glory of this line. 2024 will see more of minimalistic designs in timepieces for both men and women. Minimalistic watches from Sylvi exudes elegance and sophistication with nothing being overly flashy. With sleek aesthetics and necessary features, these watches are a breath of fresh air in the chaos of smartwatches. 

Sustainable Timepieces

Using animal leather watches is not much of a sustainable environmental option and not a decision of a responsible watchmaker. Hence the makers of Sylvi use genuine vegan leather watches that are not at all harmful to the environment. Hence you can wear it guilt-free. And because of this, nylon or fabric watches, and stainless steel watches are so much in demand. These eco-friendly watches are made from recycled materials, natural dyes, and vegan leather straps. 

Hassle-free Online Shopping

Everyone wants an easy shopping experience these days cause time is a luxury, my friends. So when it comes to men’s watches online, Sylvi comes into everyone’s mind. In 2024, online shopping will definitely dominate the horology market unquestionably. Within just a few clicks and sitting in any corner of the world you can get hold of your favourite watches of the season.

Online brands like Sylvi offer a hassle-free shopping experience with convenient free shipping pan India and return policies, enabling people to shop repeated times. And that is the reason they have a strong customer base.  


  • What would the 2024 watch market in a nutshell would be?
  • The 2024 watch market will surely see the entry of many bright exotic watch colours that users have never expected before with timepieces. The watchmakers from Sylvi are experimenting with new colours every day, and with every new launch, they are bringing bright new colour entries which are becoming their best sellers. 

  • What draws Sylvi watches to its customers?
  • There are several attributes that draw Sylvi watches to its customers repeatedly. Their excellent quality, stunning designs, exotic colours, different features, and last but not least affordable pricing. Sylvi proudly contributes to the ‘Make in India’ campaign as all the products including the raw materials are made exclusively in India. 

  • Is COD option available with Sylvi watches?
  • Yes COD or cash on delivery option is available with Sylvi. We also provide many discounts and offers with prepaid options, so we will always suggest to go for prepaid options. 

    So be the trendsetter in 2024 with Sylvi watches adorning your wrist!!!

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