Explore About Sylvi Chronograph Watches and Their Features

Explore About Sylvi Chronograph Watches and Their Features

Wristwatches have come a long way ever since their launch. There are different varieties and styles based on functionalities, looks, and purposes. When you look forward to purchasing a watch, you will find a basic formal watch that is classic and simple, then a rugged-looking watch, a pilot watch that is usually sleek and stylish, a sports watch, and many more. Amidst this vast landscape of wristwatches, there is an exclusive range that has beauty as well as utility, seamlessly blends into several functions, and has the ultimate style and substance – the Chronograph watch. 

Chronograph watches are considered to be the ultimate men’s accessory that puts a lasting impact on their personality. Under chronograph timepieces, you will get one of the most well-crafted and interesting watches in the horology market. If you are in search of intricate timepieces of human craftsmanship then you should go chronograph pieces that narrate a story rather than only displaying time. The term ‘chronograph’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘chronos’ which means time and ‘graphein’ which means to write. 

Sylvi has some amazing pieces of chronograph watches online in India for men that are extremely popular among men of all ages. They are available in different styles, straps, colours, and different price ranges to suit your budget. 

Brief History of Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches have been an integral part of watchmaking since the early 19th century. The first ever chronograph was invented by the renowned Frenchman Louis Moinet in 1816 that was used exclusively as astronomical equipment. However, it was the renowned French watchmaker Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec under King Louis XVIII in 1821 developed the first marketed chronograph to mark elapsed time with the help of a rotating dial and an ink pen that was fixed. 

It was the military that precisely used chronographs on an extensive basis. Then in the early 1900s the watch company, Breitling made a mechanical chronograph watch with a separate stopwatch function. With time the automatic and quartz chronograph watches were launched in the market with the complications of a stopwatch, a tachymeter, a date display, sub-dials, and many more. 

What is a Chronograph Watch?

Now that we know about the history of chronograph watches, it is important to know in detail about chronograph watches. A chronograph watch is known as a ‘jumped-up’ stopwatch. Modern chronographs have 3 sub-dials in the watch face along with 3 buttons on the right hand side of the watch case. 

There are many features that make chronograph watches extremely beneficial and popular. At the right in the center, there is the crown button and also the start or stop and reset button. Chronographs are used to measure accurate time lapse, a tachymeter to measure distance, a date display, and many other features depending on the cost. 

Procedure of the functionality of Sylvi Chronograph Watches

The most important thing for the watch to be called a chronograph is that the second hand should move independently irrespective of the timekeeping function. If you are able to start, stop, and reset this second hand, then your watch is a chronograph watch. Sylvi has a remarkable collection of chronograph watches and if you are interested to buy chronograph watches online, then you should definitely explore their collection. 

Sylvi Chronographs masters the functionality of chronograph watches in India and works with the Japanese Quartz Mechanism. The inner functionalities are more or less similar with the only striking difference is that their ability to control each and every complication of the watch. This makes Sylvi Chronograph watches special from other brands. 

Chronograph watches are usually more expensive than other types of watches in the case of high end brands. But with an affordable luxury brand like Sylvi, chronograph watches have been made accessible for everyone. The reason behind chronograph watches being expensive is that it has several moving parts simultaneously. Hence the craftsmen need to intricately look into these so that none of the mechanism forms a barrier to the other. 

A chronograph is either a bi-compax or a tri-compax but the most common is the tri-compax. A bi-compax has 2 sub-dials for seconds and minutes and a tri-compax has 3 sub-dials for seconds, minutes, and hours. The tri-compax measures time up to 12 hours. It functions with the process to build tensions over a mainspring that gradually at slow pace releases to move the gears in order to read the time. Apart from this it also has multiple systems within itself to measure various cliques of time. 

How to use Sylvi Chronograph Watches?

Though a chronograph watch looks complex, in reality it is very user-friendly. Anybody who has used a stopwatch will be able to use a chronograph watch as well. I have seen many people who are afraid to use a chronograph watch hence they end up using it as a normal watch instead of using its all functionality. 

If you want to buy chronograph watches, then you definitely go for the Sylvi ones as they are extremely easy to operate. All the features are very clear and you can avail them with the help of 3 buttons on the right side of the watch face. Let me explain to you all the functionality in detail so that you will have a clear picture in mind before purchasing it. 


The most renowned and common feature of a chronograph watch is its stopwatch and Sylvi is no different. They have a working stopwatch that can be operated with the start or stop button and also the reset button. Once the stopwatch starts to function, the second hand will move first and then eventually the minutes and hours. 

Now you might be thinking why should I use the stopwatch from a chronograph watch in the era of smartphones and smartwatches? Then I would ask have you stopped using your computer or laptop while using smartphones? Never, everything has its own purpose. Chronograph watches from Sylvi are the classic ones that would never be out of style and demand no matter what advanced smartwatches and smartphones are there. 


Tachymeter is not present in all of the chronograph watches but there are a few that has this feature. It is used to measure distance and speed with the help of a rotatable bezel. This feature was mainly used by athletes during races. 

Date Display

A Sylvi chronograph watch also has a date display that works perfectly in correspondence to the 12-hour time format of the watch. You can adjust the date accordingly by changing the time of the watch. 

Split Time

Another remarkable feature of Sylvi chronograph watches is their ability to record split time. So you can easily measure time lapse separately in seconds, minutes, and hours. 

Why You should go for Sylvi Chronograph Watches?

This is a very vital question that might come into your mind when there are so many brands manufacturing chronograph watches then why you should purchase Sylvi chronograph watches? When buying a chronograph watch you need to look for certain aspects and Sylvi as a brand has all those aspects present in it. 

  • Quality: The quality of Sylvi watches is of top-notch grade where you will invest only in the best. Do not get deceived by its affordable pricing about the quality of the timepiece. Sylvi chronograph ones are value for money and would last you a long time. I want you to purchase a luxury watch that would represent you and the one you would treasure forever. 
  • Straps: The straps of the chronograph watches are a very important aspect of its looks and should be one that shall complement the watch's face. Sylvi chronograph watches are available in genuine leather straps, top-graded stainless steel, and best quality PU straps. You can select any one of them. 
  • Colour: Gone are those days when chronograph watches would only mean steel silver dials and black or brown leather straps. Renowned brands like Sylvi are not afraid to experiment with colours and chronograph watches are available in silver, black, rose gold, and blue. 
  • Complications: A quality chronograph watch is known for its complications and Sylvi has the best of it. It has a stopwatch, a 1/100th second working chronograph, a date display, 3 sub-dials with split time, and 3 ATM water resistance. 
  • Price: The price of the chronograph watches is very vital and Sylvi has an affordable price range so that everyone can afford them within budget. You don’t have to give up your vital organs to own a luxury chronograph watch from Sylvi. 
  • Looks: Last but not least, you are buying a chronograph watch not only for its features but also for its striking looks. And Sylvi chronograph watches have the best looks in the horology market in vibrant colors. 


  • What is the mechanism of Sylvi Chronograph Watches?
  • The Sylvi chronograph watches work with the Japanese Quartz movement that displays accurate time with the help of a battery. You don’t have to wind it up on a daily basis like a mechanical chronograph watch. 

  • Can I use my Sylvi Chronograph watch during hikes and mountain treks?
  • Yes absolutely, you can use your Sylvi chronograph watches during your hikes and mountain treks. During these activities, it is very inconvenient and uncomfortable to check the time or use your stopwatch from your smartphone. That’s when chronograph watches come into the picture and the best would be to choose the ones with PU straps for a breathable experience. 

  • Will the Sylvi Chronograph watch fit any wrist style?
  • Sylvi Chronograph watches would fit any wrist size because it is made in such a diameter that everyone looks good with them. So you need not have to worry about your wrist size while purchasing Sylvi chronograph watches. 

    So be the iconic bearer of History and look Effortlessly Stylish with the premium Chronograph Watches from Sylvi!!! 

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