What to Look When Buying Leather Watches for Men - Sylvi Watch Buying Guide

What to Look When Buying Leather Watches for Men - Sylvi Watch Buying Guide

Men’s wristwatch and leather strap is simply a match made in heaven. 

There is something magical about leather watches that has literally stood the test of time and still retains its position at the top. This classic combination still remains the favorite among watch lovers. A watch aficionado would never say that they don’t have a leather watch in their prized collection. 

With thousands of thriving communities over the internet and Instagram, buying a wristwatch for men has become easier than before. However, purchasing that killer watch has always been daunting no matter what choices you have. There is always upgradation from different brands and new covetable pieces launch every day from different renowned brands worldwide. It’s a universally accepted viewpoint that buying a vintage classic wristwatch for men is always the smartest choice considering style and budget. 

Why Leather Watches Are Best for Men?

Men’s leather strap watches have always attracted men of different age groups to display their ultimate style. Leather straps are considered to be extremely versatile as they can be easily combined with any type of outfit. Furthermore, you can also combine leather strap wristwatches with other clothing accessories like shoes, belts, and shirts. 

Though smartwatches have been such a craze these days, watch lovers all over the world would still prefer to adorn a classic leather watch for an important official meeting or a special occasion. The aesthetics of leather watches are of the best. However, one must admit that beauty depends a lot on the quality of the leather straps used. The best quality will definitely have a royal look with all the sturdiness that can never be ignored. 

And when it’s leather watches, Sylvi is one such brand in India that would come to everyone’s mind. If you want to buy leather strap watches online, then you must have a look at the collection of Sylvi watches. The looks of the leather watches from Sylvi are to die for where the best quality leather is used. So you can be rest assured that leather won’t get damaged with sweat so easily. The most striking part of Sylvi leather watches is their vibrant colors that you can hardly find with any other brand. 

Points to look at when buying a Leather Watch

There are lots of points that need to be considered when you are buying leather watches for men. Let’s check those in detail so that it will be helpful for you to get your favorite watch. 

Brands that you can Trust

Brands play a pivotal role when you are purchasing leather strap watches for men. It is not possible for any ordinary brand to make genuine leather strap timepieces. There are many brands these days that have wristwatches for 300 INR and would say it’s of genuine leather. My dear friend, it’s not possible for a trustworthy brand to give genuine leather watches at such a low price. Genuine leather straps are slightly more expensive as compared to the cheaper ones. 

If you want to buy leather watches online, Sylvi is r brand that you can always trust. When you buy a Sylvi leather watch, you know that you are getting a product that is worth the value of your hard-earned money. Sylvi only uses genuine and top-quality leather straps for their timepieces that are purchased from trusted vendors in India.

Know your Budget

Leather watches usually start from 700 INR and can go up to a few crores as well. There is nothing wrong in buying a high-end timepiece that is worth lakhs or crores but not everyone has that magnanimous budget to splurge on luxury. But does that mean that they cannot invest in luxury timepieces based on their budget? So it is very important to set up your budget range before buying a leather watch for men. 

Customers prefer Sylvi leather watches because of their affordable price range and best-quality performance. The leather watch collection from Sylvi starts from a discounted price of 729 INR and goes up to 1499 INR. So you know very well there is a timepiece for everyone with different types of budget. So feel the luxury of leather watches without even going bankrupt with Sylvi watches. 

Quality of the Leather

When it’s men’s leather watches you simply cannot compromise on the quality of the leather straps. That’s the most important criterion to purchase a leather watch. Make sure the leather that is used of genuine leather or else it won’t last a long time. If you have decided to use your leather watch on a regular basis, then it will come in contact with sweat and dirt. So if it’s not genuine leather, it won’t be able to stand the test of time. 

The makers of Sylvi are very strict about the quality of the leather that would be used in their leather watches. They only deal with trustworthy Indian vendors who would source genuine leather. This is the reason the price is a bit high than normal cheap wristwatches because quality has been kept intact. Sylvi leather watches are extremely long-lasting, all we advise is to wipe them with a clean cloth after every usage. 

Style and Finish of the Leather Straps

Men usually have very few accessories in their caskets, unlike women who have a plethora of options. So fashionable men would always love to invest in a leather wristwatch that is not only of good quality but also extremely stylish. The finishing of leather straps in wristwatches is of different types these days. They are usually shiny, matte finish, textured, and crocodile finish. You can choose any as per your taste and preference. 

Sylvi leather watches are the epitome of style and finishing that can give high-end brands tough competition. The style, finish, and color of the leather straps blend perfectly with the shape and color of the case and dials. Considerable research is done while designing Sylvi watches before it is manufactured. Hence you would know that with Sylvi you are always ahead of your fashion game.

When Colors Rule Your Mind

These days it’s all about bright and bold colors and how confidently you carry them. Gone are those days when leather watches would only mean classic brown or black. Nowadays brands are not afraid to experiment with bright colors even in men’s leather strap watches. You only need lots of confidence to carry them. 

If color is there in your mind, you can never ever think of any other brand apart from Sylvi. The experts at Sylvi select the most vibrant colors in leather straps that would perfectly blend with the designs of the case and dial. The best part is that all these colored straps can be worn by men of any age irrespective of their fashion choice and skin complexion. The leather strap colors available at Sylvi are black, brown, coffee, grey, and blue. 

The Functionality of the Timepiece

Leather watches come in both analog and digital displays with multiple functions. Expensive smartwatches and sports watches would never be able to match the elegance of a classic leather watch. Smartwatches and sports watches usually come with silicone or PU straps. You will also find exquisitely made Chronograph watches with gorgeous leather straps. 

The different categories of Sylvi watch you would get with leather straps are analog watches, casual digital watches, and chronograph watches. The premium collections you should look for leather straps are Imperial, Iconic, Timegrapher, Hawk, Horizon, and Velocity. Out of these the most beautiful and unique is the Imperial collection that comes with the curves of the mountains. The analog watches come with a date display. The chronograph watch comes with a 1/100th second working chronograph with three sub-dials. And the casual digital watch has a stopwatch, an alarm, a date calendar, an LED backlight, dual time zone, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs.

Handpicked Sylvi Leather Strap Watches only for You

With all the above points to consider before buying a leather strap watch for men, let me share with you some of my favorite leather straps watches from Sylvi. 

  • Sylvi Imperial Black
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/leather-watches-for-men/products/1118-imperial-stylish-black-daily-wear-watch

  • Sylvi Timegrapher Blue BL 2 – Chrono
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/leather-watches-for-men/products/sky-blue-chronograph-mens-watch-2-chrono

  • Sylvi Iconic Brown
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/leather-strap-watches/products/iconic-brown-leather

  • Sylvi Velocity Coffee
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/leather-strap-watches/products/velocity-coffee

  • Sylvi Horizon Black
  • https://sylvi.in/collections/leather-strap-watches/products/horizon-black


  • Do leather strap watches from Sylvi long-lasting?
  • Absolutely yes, the leather strap watches from Sylvi are made with top quality genuine leather that ensures to last quite a long time. Sylvi leather strap watches are best to use on a regular basis and don’t get damaged easily with sweat and dirt. They are quite strong and flexible and don’t wear and tear easily over time. 

  • How should I take care of my leather strap watches?
  • It is always advised to take care of leather strap watches to make them last quite a long. After every usage, you should wipe the leather strap wristwatch with clean muslin or cotton cloth to remove every spec of sweat and dirt. This way no dust particles get settled with the straps ensuring it lasts long. 

  • What colors will I get with Sylvi Leather strap watches?
  • Sylvi leather strap watches are very renowned for their vibrant colors that looks extremely fashionable on men of every age groups. The leather straps from Sylvi comes in black, blue, brown, coffee, and grey. They would easily blend in with any outfit and any skin complexion. 

  • What type of functionalities you will get in Sylvi leather watches?
  • There are three categories of Sylvi watches that you will get in leather straps. They are analog watches, casual digital watches, and chronograph watches. All the analog watches come with a date display. The chronograph watches have a 1/100th second chronograph along with other functions. The digital watches have a stopwatch, an alarm, a date calendar display, an LED backlight, and a dual time zone. 

  • Are the leather straps from Sylvi interchangeable?
  • No, the leather straps from Sylvi are not interchangeable. But the color of the straps is made with consideration to the color and finish of the dial and case. This would ensure that they will look perfectly well with any outfit. 

    With the above guide buying a leather strap watch has never been made so easy. So become that ultimate classic personality with Sylvi leather strap watches for men!!!

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