Indian Watch Market: Popular Trends and Improvement Insights

Indian Watch Market: Popular Trends and Improvement Insights

The Indian watch market for men is huge and is considered to be one of the most popular accessories among men of all ages. To know the success of a watch brand, it is very important to know the market insights and trends and the performance of the brand in the global market. 

In India, over the past decade, watches for men have been considered to be mainly high fashion accessories that are simply a timekeeping device. There is an important reason behind this high demand for wristwatches as one of the most popular fashion accessories is the tremendous rise of fashion brand consciousness among today’s consumers. Not only this, people have also gathered lots of brand knowledge through celebrity endorsements, and aggressive and effective marketing strategies applied by the watch brands.

In terms of sales, market studies have revealed the fact that Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru are the leading markets in India in terms of sale volumes. Good quality watch brands like Sylvi have a remarkable sales and success graph when compared to its competitors ever since its inception. 

Watch Market Insights

The Indian wristwatch market is mainly segregated into three parts based on the pricing of the wristwatches – mass price, economy price, and premium price. If you check the mass price segment in India, they are mainly operated by the unorganized sector with watches from basic and unpopular brands. 

However, the customer base of the economy price segment in India is considered to be the highest and most popular, where customers are mainly millennials and the working demographics of India. It is almost 40% of the overall market revenue which is quite a significant number. And by this figure only, it is absolutely clear that people are simply in love with quality watches at affordable price ranges. 

The premium branded watches also have shown a remarkable improvement in recent years to almost 13.75% of market revenue. Market specialists have declared that there is a steady expansion in the market of premium and high-end wristwatches. Even the retail network of international watch brands has shown quite an improvement in tier II and tier III cities. This only states that there is a rise in the fashion consciousness among people. 

Competition among Watch Brands

Watch brands in India that are considered to be major players are Titan, Timex, Rolex, and Casio. Titan has approximately acquired almost 40% of the watch market for almost a decade now. This clearly shows their brand popularity and the strength of their products. From 2019, the market of smartwatches has also improved significantly and currently holds a very significant market share. 

Watch brands that manufacture the latest watches for men, Sylvi is the most popular in India. ever since its launch in the Indian market in 2015, it has shown remarkable growth to date. The best part of Sylvi is that it has shown steady growth in terms of revenues and profits, has been completely transparent with its terms and conditions and also the details about its products, never made unnecessary promises that cannot be achieved, and treated its customers equally. 

As of now, Sylvi has over 6.46 lakh happy customers who come again and again to purchase our products. We are available online at our official website and also in major e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Nykaa, and Jio Mart. You can also visit their exclusive store in Surat, Gujarat with a prior appointment. 

Popular Watch Trends in India

In this tech-flooded world, you should never be the man who checks time from his smartphone, rather be different and flaunt your exclusive designer watches for men

Enough has been discussed about market insights, revenue, and profit percentages. Now let us take a look at the popular watch trends in India that are extremely popular among Indian men. There are lots of fashion trends that come and go but there are only a few that remain on the top and hit the mark. 

When it is about trending watches for men, how come we forget about Sylvi watches which manufactures top trending products in India? In India, though watches are popular the majority of them were manufactured outside India. That’s the gap that the makers of Sylvi identified and therefore launched Sylvi where their sole motive was to manufacture everything exclusively in India by the best craftsmen from India only. 

The popular watch trends in India are as follows:

Classics always wear the Crown

You can never go wrong with classics, be it outfits or wristwatches, they can give any look a glamorous finish. Classic vintage analog watches are always in demand and are always high on trend. No one would ever say, that classics are backdated. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can wear a classic analog watch with any outfit attending any occasion. Whether it is an office party, or a business meeting, a wedding to attend, or even your engagement, or even a casual outing with your friends, classic analog watches are always a hit with any outfit. 

Sylvi has an amazing collection of analog watches that will definitely steal your heart and rule the Indian watch market. The collections you should look for are Imperial, Elegadoom, and Professional Edge. 

Taste Royalty with Chronograph

With India, royalty is always linked as India is brimming with rich cultural heritage and unmatchable royalty. If any watch type speaks of royalty, then nothing beats the aura of chronograph watches. Chronograph watches in India are truly the Kohinoor of the watch world.

The best part of chronograph watches online is that it is available in different price ranges. You will get these watches from high-end brands as well as affordable brands in India and abroad. 

If you are in search of luxury watches for men in the chronograph version that speaks of high quality yet not ready to spend a fortune on it, then you should definitely not miss the collection of Sylvi watches. You won’t regret it with your money when you purchase a Sylvi chronograph watch. It has 3 sub-dials that display hour, minute, and second separately, split record time, a date display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

Say it Loud with Colors

It’s the time for colors and this New Year, watchmakers are not at all afraid to experiment with colors. It’s a wrong concept these days that colorful watches are only meant for ladies. Men these days are not at all afraid to flaunt with bright and bold color watches. 

Sylvi is the best watch brand in India that is immensely renowned for its colorful men’s watches. You will get different categories of watches in bright colors ranging from bright straps, colorful dials, and even bright-colored cases. Colorful straps are available in all varieties – leather, stainless steel, silicone, PU, and nylon. 

Silicone Straps are the New OG

Silicone strap watches are like the latest OG in the horology world and every watch aficionado is simply going gaga over its style statement. Silicone straps are not only limited to smartwatches only but watchmakers are combining them with every watch type. The best part of silicone straps is that they will go perfectly with all watch types – analog, digital, chronograph, smartwatches, and analog-digital watches. Sylvi has a huge collection of silicone watches in all varieties and different price ranges. 

Quality with Quantity is mostly Preferred

The majority of people have this wrong concept that with quantity you cannot get quality. Well, economic watches are manufactured mainly to bust this myth. There are popular watch brands like Sylvi which manufactures high-quality watches at the most affordable pricing. Sylvi watches enable you to have more than one. Young people these days mostly prefer affordable watches online and what better option will they get apart from Sylvi in India? 


  • What is the best watch brand in India for men?
  • If you are not looking for uber-expensive high-end luxury watches like Rolex and Rado, the best affordable brand for men in India is Sylvi. You will get designer watches in the most surprising price range. Most importantly, you can always purchase more than one Sylvi watch whenever possible. 

  • What type of watches are best for men?
  • Though leather watches for men look the best, still according to my preference stainless steel watches are mostly sought after. The reason behind this is that they give a bold finish that has a long-lasting effect on others and definitely lasts for a long time. 

  • Is Sylvi a good watch brand to invest in?
  • Yes, absolutely Sylvi watches are worthy of your investment and you can be rest assured that you will never regret your purchase of Sylvi watches. Do not get misled by the affordable price range of Sylvi watches, it is because they do not involve any third-party distributor and directly deal with their customers. The best part is you are also contributing towards a local brand that manufactures all its products exclusively in India and proudly contributes to the ‘Make in India’ campaign. 

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