Explore Boys' Watches: Factors to Consider Before Buying Watch for Boys

Explore Boys' Watches: Factors to Consider Before Buying Watch for Boys

Your little boy is no more a little boy now. 

He is a big champ now who is ready to explore the adventures of life. So why not these adventures begin with wearing a watch that would help to explore these adventures in a better way? 

Sylvi brings to you the best watches for boys that will be their perfect companions during these adventurous trails. At this age, his mind is very whimsical and is always ready to explore different aspects of life. Let him explore and do not be a hindrance. 

There is a famous saying by a wise man that the extra money which you have got should be spent on things or activities that you really love. Because enjoying to the fullest is a strong value. And trust me that is very important to enjoy this journey called life. You might be thinking at such a young age it would be unwise to give your boy a branded watch. But watches from brands like Sylvi are there to stay and make him feel that he is important to you and only the best is for him. 

Importance of a Watch for Boys

Young age is all about learning different life skills and learning to tell the time is the most important aspect of life. Even in this digital age where young boys are introduced to smart devices at such an age, wearing a comfortable and firm watch is very important. A good wristwatch helps them to keep track of their learning time management and daily activities. 

Juggling between school or college timing, music lessons, football training before sundown, those early morning cricket sessions or tennis sessions, guitar lessons, and even your dance classes. It is essential that none of these are missed due to time management. Being a parent, you would realize that effortless assistance from a digital watch or an analog watch will help your boy to learn the importance of time in his life. Moreover, it will also prevent him from checking his smartphone or other smart devices and getting addicted to it. 

There are some amazing collections of wristwatches both digital and analog that will be the baby steps for your child to grow interest in watches. Moreover, there are child-friendly watches available in the market that help these kids to keep track of time along with several other attractive features. 

Mobile addiction among boys is a serious problem parents face these days. In this digital age, children are introduced to smart devices at a very young age. Though they are useful it has their negative side as well and kids are getting seriously addicted to them that require medical help to recover. Wristwatches for boys with multifunction facilities seriously prevent boys from getting addicted to smartphones and tablets. Sylvi has an amazing collection of watches that boys would love to explore. 

Points to consider before buying a Watch for your Boy

The horological adventures of your boy should begin with a brand that is there to stay. So why not begin it with Sylvi? Sylvi watches for men are meant for everyone from young boys to men of all ages at different price ranges with different features. Online watches are a huge craze these days and out of so many watch brands in the market, it is really overwhelming to select the best one for your boy. 

  • Do good research about Watches
  • Before you start purchasing wristwatches for your boy, it is essential to know and understand some details about timepieces. You should also gather information about different types of wristwatches available in the market along with the trending styles. Because kids of today’s age are very much conscious about latest trends and would not wear something that is old school. The basics need to be clear in your mind or else you won't be able to choose the best one for your boy. 

  • Never cross your Budget
  • Always remember that you are not buying a wristwatch for yourself but for your buy who is very young and not yet responsible enough to take care of his belongings. Moreover, at this age, their mind is quite fickle and hence they won’t stick to one design for a long time. Hence, it would be unwise to purchase a wristwatch that is over expensive. From Sylvi, you can shop watch online for boys at an affordable price and the best quality with different features. 

  • Types of Watches 
  • Kids watch or boy’s watches are available in different features and styles these days. Gone are those days when we were young kids watches only meant digital watches. There is a plethora of opportunities for boys these days. You can avail analog watches, digital watches, analog-digital watches, sports watches, and smartwatches. You can select any one of them as per your requirement and budget. 

  • Size of the Wristwatch
  • While buying a wristwatch, it is very important to consider its size according to the wrist size of your kid. If the watch is too big with respect to his wrist, then it won’t look good at all similarly if the watch face is too small compared to his wrist size, then also it won’t be much visible and will look bad. Hence the wristwatch should be appropriate to the wrist size to look the best. 

    Sylvi has a promising collection of wristwatches in different sizes so that everyone can avail of them with different wrist sizes. 

  • Usage of the Watch
  • Another important aspect to consider is the usage of the watch and its purpose. Know your boy’s interests and habits and in types of activities, he is interested in. This will help you to select the right kind of timepiece for him that he will love for sure. If he is more into sports and an adventure lover, then a sports watch, a digital watch, or even a smartwatch would be the best fit for him. If your boy is not much interested in adventure activities and is more of a geek or into studies, then an analog or an analog-digital watch would be the best fit for him. 

  • Consider his Personal Style
  • Though he is still a boy his personal style and preferences should be considered before buying a wristwatch for him. You should consider his colour preferences as well while making the purchase. Check whether he is more into funky clothing or simple casual clothing, whether he prefers bold and vibrant colours or loves neutral colours. Trust me, all these factors play a pivotal role in purchasing a wristwatch that he will love. 

    Sylvi – the best Watch Brand for Boys

    Sylvi is a brand in India that is very renowned among youngsters and boys because of its watches in vibrant colours. Sylvi is a brand that will not only look stylish on your little one but will also be a timepiece that he will love for years to come. There are different collections from Sylvi that boys will love are Rig One ‘O One, Evoke, Sports Watches, Iconic, and Hawk. 

    • Rig One ‘O One: These analog-digital watches in six different colourful shades are a treat to the eyes not only for boys but for men as well. You will find some unique combinations of colours in this collection like grey and golden, sap green, matte grey and black, and transparent white. 

    This collection is made with silicone bands best for hyperactive boys that will last a long time. It has a stopwatch, an alarm, a date display, luminous light, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

    • Evoke: Evoke is the latest launch from the house of Sylvi which is its first unisex watch with a complete digital display. They are available in 5 colourful vibrant combinations that would look amazing on boys as well as girls. This also has a silicone band that is flexible and long-lasting. Along with a complete digital display it also has a date display, a stopwatch, an alarm, an LED light, a 12/24 hour time format, and 5 ATM water resistance. It has some unique colours like teal, sap green, and baby pink. 
    • Sports Watches: The sports watches collection from Sylvi is huge and has three collections – frist, race master, and protimer. They are meant for boys who love adventure and have a keen interest in sports activities. They have a huge range of unique colours like camo green, vibrant blue, and cream. The sports watches have both analog and digital displays, a date display, a 12/24 hour time format, a stopwatch, an alarm, a luminous display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 
    • Iconic: This collection of watches is meant for boys who prefer a casual lifestyle like visiting colleges and hanging out with friends. They are a combination of both analog and digital displays and have both leather and nylon fabric straps. They have the features of a date display, a 12/24 hour time format, a stopwatch, an alarm, a luminous display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 
    • Hawk: This is more of a rugged-looking watch meant for tough boys who like activities and adventures but does not like a sports look. Like Iconic watches, they also have a combination of both analog and digital displays and have both leather and nylon fabric straps. They have the features of a date display, a 12/24 hour time format, a stopwatch, an alarm, a luminous display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 


  • Can Sylvi watch be worn by both boys and men of all ages?
  • Yes, the Sylvi watch can be worn by boys and men of all ages. Their analog and chronograph watches are meant for men whereas other collections of analog-digital watches, digital watches, and sports watches are meant for boys, youngsters, and as well as men. 

  • Are the Evoke digital watches from Sylvi can be worn by boys and girls?
  • Yes, the Evoke digital watches from Sylvi can be worn by both boys and girls and also for youngsters. They are mostly available in vibrant colours making them the ideal choice for everyone. These are mainly unisex watches that can be worn by boys, men, women, and girls. 

  • Can I replace the silicone bands from Sylvi Watches?
  • You cannot replace the silicone bands from Sylvi watches on your own. In case you want to change the straps, you need to contact our customer care and avail of different colour straps at an additional cost. 

    So, make the horological journey of your little boy memorable at his every path and phase with Sylvi watches being the most trusted companion!!!

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