Happy Father's day 2022: Gift for Your Father, AKA superhero

Happy Father's day 2022: Gift for Your Father, AKA superhero

The celebrations of Father's day are most of the time-limited to wishing in India. We often think that ‘Happy father’s day, Dad!,' 'happy father's day, papa,' or the addition of 'happy father's day, God Bless you is enough to appreciate our fathers' efforts in his entire life.

Fathers are the most selfless creatures in this world. They are the reason you tasted victory for the first time in your life when he lost a race to a year baby or lost a cricket match to a 5 to 10-year-old boy. You may not see his efforts, but he is making the efforts outside to maintain the home and develop your future.

Unlike mother's day, which we celebrate with special care and enthusiasm, father’s day is just an ordinary day in India with a little addition of searching for the best father's day wishes from your daughter or son and sending a sweet message of wish you happy father's day. Indeed, it is a good gesture, but it should not be the last one on happy father's day 2022, as there is no limit to the efforts your father makes for you. The fathers are the only ones who happily give up everything, including time, strength, and life, for your life.

They do not care about their future and would happily work for 16 hours a day so that you could go to a good educational institute. He sacrifices many get together with his friends to teach you maths, physics, English, and chemistry.


Happy fathers day - Sylvi Watch 1 - Gift Now

Indian boys are so afraid of their fathers that they do not even get the luxury of hugging their fathers. But on this father’s day, step forward and break this stereotype and change the fact that the fathers do not get something for themselves by adding an awesome gift to ‘happy father’s day, dad!

Happy Fathers Day - Sylvi Watch

Wish you a Happy Father's Day, Papa!

Who doesn't like to be loved, appreciated, and celebrated? Fathers are indeed selfless, and they do not demand anything less than your smiling face and successful future in return for their efforts, but you should not be selfish.

Fathers support their children and other family members financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally without complaining a single day. Our mothers were not the only ones who stayed up late when they fell ill in childhood. Undoubtedly, mothers bring us into this world, but fathers teach us how to live in this world and live a good life.

So, we should celebrate their efforts like we appreciate our mothers’ efforts on mothers’ day. Father’s day gives us a chance to appreciate and celebrate their efforts, plan something special for them and show our love for them.

The most Panic-creating question!

You might be feeling the need to ask the real panic-creating and worrisome question: "what should I gift to my father?" or "what gift should I give to my father?" However, the answer is the same for both of the questions: something precious like watches. Now comes the real trouble-making question: which are the best watches for Indian fathers. The answer is not as simple as the hearts of fathers; there are many different types of fathers, and each type of father deserves a unique and specially made for their watch. Just check the below points to know your best gift for your father:

Jack of all trades: The true Indian fathers

Jack of all trades: The true Indian fathers

Whenever you think of your Indian father, you may realize that this man has a superpower and can do almost everything in this world. Yes, this is the type of father almost every Indian has. He is a real engineer who invents different solutions to ease the problems of his family members. You can present any watch from the analog collection of Sylvi. However, the style is unique and tough, as your Indian father.

Sports lovers!

Sports are at the heart of the Indian fathers, and in your quest for the best watch for Fathers in India, Sylvi is your great option. The sports watch collection of Sylvi for sports fathers is the best. Sylvi has nothing less than the best, and the designs are created and manufactured in India, especially for sports lovers and Indian fathers. You can have a good quality watch from its Sports collection. These watches are hybrid which means they are analog and digital watches. Obviously, the best watches for fathers in India are the ones that offer something extra like these watches do!

Tech Lover Dads

Tech lover dads, as the name suggests, are completely obsessed with technology. They are so indulged in the technology news that they love to know everything about the upcoming new technology before its launch. Most importantly, they try to make their families’ lives easier with the help of technology. we have a perfect collection for tech lover dads: Digital. You can choose the best watch of your choice for your father in 2022. Sylvi's digital collection has two further sub-collections which are ideal for tech lovers. Nevertheless, digital causal watches such as Sylvi casual look Blackstrap Analog & Digital watch are like a cherry on the top of the tech personality of your father. The chronograph collection of Sylvi can also be a great gift due to its multi-functionality like start, stop and reset buttons.

Perfectly Old-School

The 90’s kids could deeply feel what is like to be around the perfectly old-school dads. The most notable quality of these dads is that they are perfect and want you to be perfect as well. Like all other dads, they are up till late working for your future, but they also wake up early. Moreover, they demand you to be set all the time in your casual clothes. A fun fact is that dapper dads have not worn jeans for like last 15 to 20 years. In a nutshell, they are perfect and want nothing less than perfection. So, selecting a gift for your perfect dad can be problematic.

Nonetheless, Sylvi has solved this problem by presenting the chronograph collection. This collection is enough for your perfectly old-school dad as it is as perfect as him in many ways. Most of the watches in this collection are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and have multi-functionality.

Why are Sylvi watches the best to gift Indian Fathers?

Sylvi is the best watch brand for father’s gifts in India due to top-notch quality, elegant designs, vast variety, and obviously huge discounts. Make this father’s day really happy for your father and your pocket with Sylvi’s big discounts. Sylvi has saved you from lying to your father about the price of the watch since we provide you with high-quality best gift watch in 2022 within budget and definitely with big offers. Sylvi has direct offers for you. Just go to www.sylvi.in and you will see exciting offers there.


You can use the coupon code and get a flat 12% off (Use Code: FATHERSDAY).

Moreover, you can have up to 11.5% cash back in case of UPI payment. But if you want to prefer bank payment, Sylvi got you covered in this case, too; you can have a flat 10% off + free shipping if you pay with Kotak cards. So, take a deep breath and shop for your father on this father’s day 2022 and make your father’s day really happy!


shop for your father on this father’s day 2022 and make your

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