Fun with Fashion Watches for Men

Fun with Fashion Watches for Men

Let’s talk fashion. Let’s talk about watches for men. 

Oh! Wait for a second. You might be wondering, did I hear it correctly? Now since when did fashion and men’s watches mingle together? But truth be told they always have been. We often come across the phrase 'it's so much in fashion these days'. But trust me, when it comes to real fashion, it is not only about the latest fashion trends but also about the confidence with which you carry them.  

Watches for men should rock the two most essential gears in them, sophistication and suaveness. Without these two aspects, no matter how much penny they are priced, it’s never worth it. They are simply like a brilliant expression of men’s personality and their inherent style. So make those every penny sound and on your behalf let your wristwatch do some of the talking. These timepieces for men are completely imbued with the delicacy that undoubtedly makes them the most valuable must-have accessory. 

What’s the game about these Fashion Watches for Men?

Fashion watches for men not only refer to the best watch brands for men but also imbibe the latest trends and styles. These brands tailor exclusive designs that create a path of their own and others get inspired and follow them. The majority of these fashion watches for men run accurately with Japanese Quartz movements and stand high with minimal but unique designs. If you will dig into the latest market trends and designs, large dials and vibrant colors have grabbed their own valuable positions. But that doesn't mean that other fashions have gone completely obsolete. 

That fashion watch used at the right time would be your ultimate lucky charm. Suppose you are in a very important business meeting and need to make a lasting impression, that impeccable wristwatch would accentuate your ensemble in a way you can never imagine. Men’s designer watches are not only restricted to display time only, it’s more about how brilliantly you have portrayed fashion in the true sense. So buying fashionable men's watches is not unpretentious as we pegged it to be, the style is all about class and refining distinctive types. 

Though I would admit any day that buying that exclusive killer fashion watch would be daunting, still it’s easier than ever to purchase luminous watches for men. There is plenty of information available out there in thriving social media communities like Instagram, Facebook, etc. However, there is plenty of information out there are the precise reasons to make your job harder to select the most fashionable watches for men. So let me help you with aspects that would count toward fashionable watches for men. 

Various aspects of Fashion Watches for Men

There is a never-ending desire for different fashion trends and products would be more technological, but certain aspects that will never change. The best watches for men would always speak about impeccable style without any effort. There is an exclusive aura of timeless classic watches that get inspired by their nip and tuck from the reigning sartorial creators and they are so much in fashion these days. So let me tell you about the personal styles that would make you fashionable.

  • Cool and Casual:

    Men should be fluent with both styles, they should rock with a suit and tie and also should carry tees and sweatpants. Chunky watch styles are very much in fashion these days as it’s all about experimenting with new technology and playing with vibrant colors. If you are looking for a stylish watch for boy, you should go for classic watches with the twist of being cool and trendy. Young people prefer more about being sporty looks, masculinity, and the black hue that reciprocates their active lifestyles perfectly. 

  • Trendy and Laid Back:

    Fashion watches for men are also about those fearless souls who would always embrace adventure. Being trendy and laid back is the perfect example of a daily wear watch that perfectly involves the marriage between amazing designs and eco-friendly fashion. Wooden watches these days are considered to be incredibly cool which raises the bar for laid-back outfits. So next time you see a wooden watch kept on display, do not be afraid to try them. 

  • Dapper:

    Luxury watches for men are all about being elegant, classic, refined, businessman sort of style. Fashionable watches for men also belong to those men who prefer to be mostly in a suit, a buttoned shirt, classic pants, and shoes and wear those classic perfumes. These fashionable watches usually come in leather straps or stainless steel straps

Sylvi – the most Fashionable Watch Brand for Men

When a fashionable watch is there in your mind, who would forget about Sylvi – the ultimate fashion pioneer for men’s watches? Sylvi is all about embracing innovative fashion with vibrant colors. The makers of Sylvi love to play with colors. You will get the best watch for men under 1500 INR at Sylvi which can be easily afforded by everyone. 

Sylvi has achieved sheer success ever since its inception in 2015 and now has a strong customer base of 500,000+ happy customers. All the timepieces have been made by the best craftsmen in India with intricate craftsmanship and ethereal designs. Sylvi proudly contributes to the ‘Make in India’ campaign as all the products are made exclusively in India. The makers always look forward to the latest fashion trends in the watch world and frequently launch different collections with various technologies. 

Types of Sylvi Watches

There are different categories of Sylvi watches that are extremely fashionable and always on trend. 

  • Analog Watches: You will get the most fashionable and unique watches for men under the Analog watches in Sylvi. Their most famous ‘Imperial’ collection is the symbol of ultimate fashion and powerful performance. They come in vibrant color genuine leather straps with stainless steel dial that has the curves of the mountains. This is one look, I can vouch for you would never find anywhere. All the analog watches come with a date display and works with the Japanese Quartz Movement. 

  • Casual Digital Watches: If you are looking for watches under 2000 INR, then you should definitely look for the ‘Vogue’ collection of watches from Sylvi. These casual digital watches also have both analog and digital displays and are multifunctional with a stopwatch, an alarm, a date display, and water resistant. You can also look for the ‘Iconic’ collection, ‘Hawk’ collection, and ‘Rig One ‘O One’ collection. 

  • Chronograph Watches: The Chronograph watches from Sylvi are considered to be the most beautiful and royal in the true sense. The ‘Timegrapher' collection is a set of chronograph watches that has 3 sub-dials showing hour, minute, and second and works with a 1/100th second chronograph, a date display, and is water resistant. 

  • Sports Watches: The sports watches from Sylvi are the perfect example of a digital watch for men. These multifunctional watches are the best for those men who are adventurous in mind and are health conscious. They are made with top-graded silicone bands that are flexible and very strong. They also have a stopwatch, an alarm, an LED backlight, a date calendar display, both analog and digital displays, and water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. 

So above are the details about the different categories of Sylvi watches. You can select your favorite fashionable Sylvi watch from their website or also can visit their store in Surat with a prior appointment. Before you delve into details let me make your job a bit easier by showcasing my favorite most fashionable wristwatches for men from Sylvi.

  • Sylvi Imperial Black

  • Sylvi Vogue Rosegold

  • Sylvi Frist Camogreen

  • Sylvi Rig One ‘O One White Crystal 

  • Sylvi Timegrapher Rosegold Leather

  • Sylvi Timegrapher Bl-3 Chrono

  • FAQs

    1) Are the fashion watches from Sylvi long-lasting and genuine?

    Ans. All the products from Sylvi are completely genuine and made with top-quality materials that are sourced from the best. All the products are made by the most experienced craftsmen in India and every product goes through several quality checks before they are displayed to our customers. So all the products are long-lasting. 

    2) Do the Sylvi watches are completely waterproof?

    Ans. All the Sylvi watches are not waterproof but they are water resistant to up to 3 ATMs. Hence they are not advised to use it for diving or swimming purposes however it is capable to withstand splashes of water. If you immerse Sylvi watches in water for a prolonged time, it would stop working. 

    3) How do you take care of Sylvi fashion watches?

    Ans. Sylvi fashion watches are very long-lasting and need to be taken care of properly. It is advised to keep the wristwatches in the box that is provided at the time of purchase. You should always clean the watch with a clean muslin cloth post every usage to remove sweat and dirt. And this way the watch would last you a lifetime. 

    4) Are Sylvi watches for all age groups?

    Ans. All the Sylvi watches are exclusively designed keeping in mind all the age groups of people. Hence this would ensure that everyone can wear these watches from all age groups. And the best part of these watches is that they can be worn for any occasion. Sylvi watches are also best for gifting purposes as well. 

    5) Are Sylvi fashion watches very costly? 

    Ans. Sylvi watches comes in a very reasonable price range so it ensures a wristwatch for everyone with a different price budget. However, do not get mistaken for its affordable price with the quality of the watches as Sylvi is such a brand where quality is never compromised. 

    So when it's all about fashion then raise your fashion quotient and set the notch high with exclusive Sylvi fashion watches for men!!!


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