A Guide to Sylvi Frist Sports Watches: Explore History & Key Features

A Guide to Sylvi Frist Sports Watches: Explore History & Key Features

On that racing track every second counts

Once the first cars were invented it didn’t take much time for car races to begin. The first ever car race that was held was on 30th August 1867 at 4.30 am in England. The person who won the race was Isaac Watt Boulton. It was 8 mile long race and he won it by 3 seconds. Now you understand when I say that every second counts, literally counts. And trust me it was timed to accuracy. 

Motorsports and car racing has been inextricably linked with mechanical watches since time immemorial and innovations in both fields have reached their zenith. In the world of racing and watch-making, the most important milestone that has been achieved till date is the marriage between horology and top-speed racing. Best sports watches across the globe have been extensively used in motorsports and car racing. 

The Frist watches from Sylvi are the premium collection of sports watches that are extensively loved by sports lovers and racing fans. But before we go into the details about this collection, first let us know about the history of racing watches. 

Brief History of Racing Watches

Initially, car races suffered badly due to poor timekeeping. Gradually it improved and everyone understood the value of each second in racing. The legends in the watch-making world, Omega and Rolex started manufacturing Chronograph watches that were exclusively made for racing. That was the reason that chronograph watches are also known as ‘built-in stopwatches’. Gradually wristwatches attained the pinnacle of motorsports and racing. 

Renowned racing drivers preferred Rolex timepieces during racing since the time they were invented. Even world records were calculated and measured with the help of these watches. So chronograph watches became a quintessential part of motor races. Eventually came stopwatches and then sports watches. With the help of these tools, lap times and race times were measured with perfect accuracy. 

What are Sports Watches?

The sports watches for men are the upgraded version of chronograph watches with multifunction features that include a stopwatch. Initially, sports watches were made keeping in mind the preferences of sports enthusiasts however with time, sports watches are preferred by men of all ages. They give a sporty look and are robust, reliable, and definitely water-resistant or waterproof. 

All I can say is that a sports watch is something that is a combination of different categories of watches. They are also known to be a mechanical watch that has sporty looks and supports different features for sports activities. It can also be referred to as a smartwatch that keeps a count of your every track. It can also be referred to as a digital watch that measures your activities and other time-related functionalities. Technically all these features tend to make a great sports watch. 

Essentials of a Sports Watch

Buying a sports watch for men online is a nut-cracking job that requires lots of research. Its not a normal casual watch from any brand that you can buy, you need to gather enough information to actually understand the features of these multifunction watches. So let us delve into those in detail.

  • Breathable Straps: Sports watches are meant for high-adventure activities and racing sports. Hence, if the straps of the watch are not comfortable and of breathable material, it would be impossible to wear them during events. The materials best during high-stressed activities are PU, rubber, silicone, perforated leather, or canvas. Stainless steel straps or genuine leather straps should not be used for sports watches. 
  • Angled Case: It is always better to have an angled case for sports watches as it enables you to check the reading and timing from any awkward angles during racing events.
  • High-contrast Luminous Dials: During racing events, you check the timing and other reading within a fraction of a second. So it is mandatory to have high-contrast dials with luminous displays so that it is legible in any situation from any end. 
  • Top Functionalities: A sports watch is of no use if it doesn’t have all the required functionalities required during a sports and racing event. So please make sure to double-check regarding all necessary functionalities before to tend to buy sports watches for men. It should have a stopwatch with laps, a countdown timer, an alarm, an LED backlight, dual time zones, separate hour, minute, and second display, a date display, and be water-resistant or waterproof. Please do not buy a sports watch if these features are not present or else it will be of no purpose. 

Frist Watches – your ultimate Timekeeping Partner

Sylvi is a very well-known men’s watch brand manufactured in India. They manufacture different categories of watches in huge collections. They have a huge collection of sports watches and one such collection of sports watches is the Frist collection. The Frist watches are one of the best sellers in Sylvi and are always in high demand. They execute extremely sporty and rugged looks and are very tough and flexible watches for tough souls. 

The main criteria of a sports watch are that it should be robust and hard enough to sustain all types of damage and sturdy situations. Another important aspect is that it should be waterproof, if not then absolutely water-resistant. All these essential criteria are present in Frist watches so that you are always ahead of time. Another important feature of this collection is that all the timepieces have clear Luminant displays so that you can easily check the time during racing events and tracks. 

All the watch straps from the Frist collection are made with top-quality PU (Polyurethane) and ABS materials that are extremely lightweight, flexible, strong, and long-lasting. The watches come in 5 different color combinations. All the wristwatches have round multifunctional dials that include analog and digital displays, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, an alarm, dual time zones with 12/24 hour format, an LED light, a date and day calendar, and a luminous display. These watches also have a water resistance of 3 ATMs. 

The dial of the watch has 4 major buttons such as the light button, a start/stop button, a reset button, and a mode change button. It also has a light on/off button. With a luminous display, you can easily check the time in the pitch dark. The watch case is also tough enough to sustain all types of hard challenges and is made with top-graded stainless steel. This surely protects from all types of wear and tear and also has a mineral glass watch face that is durable enough. 

The packaging of the watch is also of top-notch quality and it totally justifies the name of the brand and the performance of its products. All I can say is that the Frist collection of watches from Sylvi is premium sports watches for men in India that are a seamless blend of powerful function, impeccable performance, and magnificent style. All of these products come at an attractive price that you can ever imagine beginning from 809 INR and going up to 1099 INR. 

For your convenience, I have mentioned below all the 5 sports watches from Sylvi’s Frist Collection. 

  • Sylvi Frist Camogreen
  • Sylvi Frist Black Green
  • Sylvi Frist Green
  • Sylvi Frist Yellow
  • Sylvi Frist Krem
  • Sports watches are the best that has happened with motorsports and racing events. These are the most practical and easiest way to measure time and track during these high-stressed events. 

    So be ahead of others on the racing track with the amazing Frist Collection of watches for men from Sylvi !!!!

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