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Are you looking for perfect ladies' watches, which are beautifully crafted with elegance and smartness and trendy style? Well, your search needs to go no further; Sylvi is here.

We at Sylvi are proud to create gorgeous lady watches that are just as high-tech. Sylvi watches combine style and innovation for a timeless elegance with modern innovation. So, whether it's a classic silver look or a functioning smartwatch, Sylvi is there to take your back.

Being a leading name in ladies' watches, Sylvi represents a hint towards quality and style. Quality is something we have adhered to in every stride. Every watch from Sylvi is a masterpiece built with precision and care.

Discover why so many women trust Sylvi for their timepieces. Look through our collection and find that watch that will underline your style and meet your needs.

Timeless Elegance with Sylvi Ladies Watches

Sylvi is a believer in timeless elegance. Our collection of ladies watches emulates nothing but that by offering designs that never go out of style. Every timepiece is crafted with finesse in designing quality materials that promise toughness and beauty.

Our designs from our classic silver range pay tribute to that fine old tradition. These timepieces come in a clean, minimalist style that's apt for any setting. Either dressing for a formal event or keeping the outfit casual, a Sylvi silver watch gives that touch of sophistication.

Our commitment to quality is visible in the materials we use. Our watches go through the best in stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and scratch-resistant manufacturing. Our watches exude the composition of quartz precision movements, all prompted by the highest consideration for design.

Sylvi collection has more to offer than the silver designs. We have so much more in store for you to cater to your particular taste with all the required styles: the dainty bracelet watches to the very bold, statement-style ones. Each is created to complement the wearer's style and bolster the wardrobe.

If you go for a Sylvi watch, then you go for something that will last beyond time. With our designs, classicism is a guarantee, and your watch will remain a lovely accessory over the years.

Leading the Way in Ladies Watch Brands

There is nothing ordinary about Sylvi — we are not just another watch brand on the market. It's the huge difference in our approach and the commitment to quality that stands us apart from all else. This is why Sylvi is a leader in ladies' wristwatches:

Customer-centric designs

Our watches combine classical craftsmanship and the latest technology. Whether classic or contemporary, a Sylvi Smartwatch will be designed for the modern woman in whom style and function have an equal share.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each one is a piece of art. We pay special attention to choosing the best materials: stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and genuine leather. Each one is designed to be as tough as it is beautiful. Our emphasis is on quality, which means the Sylvi watch stands by you for years.

Unique Features

The Sylvi watch adds more design elements to your lifestyle with water-resistant ability, durable straps, and fully customizable smartwatches—each to your liking—making them more of a practical design.

Customer satisfaction

It will all be in serving the client best. This is what has constructed Sylvi's reputation for great service to the clients and satisfaction. We listen to our customers and continuously make improvements in our products because of their invaluable feedback.

Human Resources

Sylvi has been the recipient of many awards that recognize our designs and innovations. The awards have put into the limelight our position as a brand leader in the watch industry and reflected and built our commitment to excellence.

Therefore, our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction objectives has kept Sylvi at the top of the women's watch market. Browse through our line and discover why Sylvi is, by far, the watch of women across the globe.

Find the Best Women Watches


Style up with the Starboard White Silver watch for ladies and girls. Designed with a classic white shield dial, this timepiece is enhanced with a date magnifier, textured bezel, and timeless charm combined with a perfect balance of fashion and comfort. It's secured on a matching steel strap, and the sleekly styled stainless case promises a perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

The day and date display, the simple analog function, and the patented fold-over clasp with a lockable adjustment system give a custom style with a secure fit. Crafted in India, the Starboard White Silver M-Line represents not just beautiful design but also Indian craftsmanship. Elevate the style of your wrist with this timepiece where elegance meets simplicity.


Presenting the Starboard Black Silver W-Solid: graceful but powerful for women and girls. The black dial is pretty elegant, displaying an enlarged Cyclops lens that magnifies the complexity of the setup for the day and date, to truly be massive at a glance.

The fluted bezel is a classic touch for this watch. The brilliant silver casing works in symphony with the classic round shape for the greatest style with the most comfort. You are always on time with the analog. This watch comes with a patented fold-over clasp with a lockable adjustment system. From the global fashion-forward individual to the person with classic taste, this is the timepiece from which dreams are made. Exclusively crafted by artisans in India. Starboard Black Silver W-Solid.

Finding Your Perfect Ladies Watch Online

At Sylvi, we put in the work to ensure that you find your perfect ladies' watch easily and with a lot of fun. Easy shopping is assured in a user-friendly online shop with a huge selection of our finest timepieces in one place.

User-Friendly Online Shopping Experience

This website is designed with you in mind. Easy and user-friendly to navigate, this website allows easy access to our collection through very little effort. High-quality images and detailed information on the product pages should help ease this load.

Tips for Selecting the Right Watch

Before buying a watch, you need to consider the following tips. Getting the perfect watch can sometimes be so overwhelming. So, to easily pick your Sylvi timepiece, consider the following.

  • Occasion: It's occasion-based. If you were going to wear that watch on a formal occasion, it should be a formal look. If it is for day-to-day use, maybe a smartwatch can be good with multiple features.
  • Style – Align it with your style whether you have minimalistic preferences or love to make a style statement Sylvi has got you covered.
  • Features: Decide which features matter most to you. If fitness tracking is essential, consider one of our smartwatches. If simplicity is the yardstick that you hold dearest, you may want to rely on just one of our analog watches.

Easy Checkout Process

User-Friendly Checkout Now that you've found the perfect watch, our easy checkout process makes it easy to make a purchase. We offer safe payment methods and efficient shipping methods for your new Sylvi watch to reach you as quickly as possible.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is committed to helping you. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or seek guidance when necessary. We are committed to making you satisfied with your purchase of Sylvi. Choose through our online store at a Sylvi that suits both your style and needs. With plenty of choices, shopping has never been any easier.


Be it for a classic, elegant timepiece; a state-of-the-art smartwatch; or the perfect combination of the two in one, look no further than Sylvi. Meticulously crafted out of the finest materials, every little detail counts in what becomes the ultimate cherished accessory, meant to last a lifetime.

Thank you for your valued interest in Sylvi women's watches. Visit the ladies watch collection today and find your perfect ladies watch and experience the timeless beauty and advanced technology that define Sylvi.

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