Elevate Your Everyday Look with These Stylish Men's Watches

Elevate Your Everyday Look with These Stylish Men's Watches

That ticking sound makes the world go round!!!

If the beauty of time has a face then wristwatches would be the best innovation to date. There are some men who may not count the number of rings they have but definitely know within a blink the number of wristwatches they own. Watches for men are the best accessory to elevate your style and add some extra sparks to your personality and your outfit. 

Not everyone has eyes to seal that magical moment with luxury watches for men that actually steal your heartbeat. Trust me when I say, that it takes a lot of attention to minute details, precision, and lots of horology skill to spot a beauty that elevates time and style. 

Watch-loving men in India can never ignore the must-have men’s watches from Sylvi, the renowned men’s watch brand online. Every timepiece from them beams luxury in the true sense as it involves tedious effort and time solely using premium quality materials to ensure longevity. 

Why men’s watches are an important accessory?

Men in general are not much of a jewellery lover but that doesn’t mean they don’t love accessories. Wristwatches are as valuable to a man as jewellery to a woman. And no man has ever said that they can ignore the magic and aura of the best stylish watches

Since wristwatches are an inevitable part of men’s fashion, it is important to know different categories of watches are meant for different situations and occasions. So it is always better to have at least one watch from every category to complete your wardrobe. 

Sylvi watches are manufactured with the vision that you can own more than a single watch. The reason behind this is that there is a huge array of designs and categories of Sylvi watches in different ranges. Hence owning a watch would never be a burden to your pocket. 

Wristwatches for men are usually very versatile and the majority of watch designs can be worn in a business meeting as well as a black-tie gala. Sylvi watches are designed with intricate details so that when you wear it gives a dramatic look to your personality. Most importantly all of the Sylvi watches are handcrafted with top-quality material making them long-lasting and durable. Not only this, but when you get in hold with a Sylvi watch, you also witness its intricate movements that showcase the incredible talent, skill, and craftsmanship of all the watchmakers. 


Positives of Owning a Luxury Watch

Sylvi watches narrates luxury in every sense without getting bankrupt. Sylvi has simply busted the myth that luxury watches have to be super expensive. Well when you can get that luxurious feel at an affordable price, then why not have more than one Sylvi watch? There are so many collections of Sylvi watches that you need to have one from each collection as all the collections are a must-have. 

There are so many reasons to own a luxury watch.

  • Elevate your Style: Nothing looks more stylish on a man other than a classic wristwatch. It's like one classic watch and it answers all the questions about your personality. Whether you are wearing a tailored suit, a black tuxedo, or a grand sherwani, Sylvi watches will definitely steal the limelight and make you look sophisticated. 
  • Versatility: Have you wondered why watches are so popular in the era of smartphones? Designer watches for men make them look complete. Another striking point is that watches are very versatile and go with the majority of outfits. Suppose you have a chronograph watch, you can wear it with your formal outfits in the office as well as with jeans and t-shirt for a casual outings with friends. You can wear it on a mountain trek as well as during a beach holiday. 
  • Quality: Renowned brands never make bad quality watches because it's their name that will be hampered. It's for nothing that Sylvi watches are so famous in India. Sylvi timepieces are crafted with incredible attention which gives such a detailed and precise finish. The best part is that every Sylvi watch is there to last quite a long time and you can be assured that you have invested in a high-quality timepiece that will show precise results. 
  • Investment: For watch aficionados, purchasing a watch is never an impulsive buy rather it is a valuable investment. Trust me when I say that Sylvi watches retain their value over time. 

Must-have Collections from Sylvi

One reason to buy men’s watches online is that you can get a huge array of options under your price budget. So let us explore some of the famous collections of Sylvi that are simply a must-have in your watch collection.


To top the list has to be my favourite collection from Sylvi – the Imperial collection of analog watches. This collection comes in five varieties – black rose gold, black silver, completely black, blue silver, and grey silver. 

The dials of these watches are the most unique that you have ever seen with any other brand and definitely the most beautiful-looking watch in India. The dial is inspired by the curves of the mountains to give a dramatic effect. These analog watches have a date display and 3 ATM water resistance. 


If there is one collection that looks like a pallet of dreams then it has to be the Iconic collection. You will get 15 different varieties in bold colours from this collection that comes in leather and nylon straps. If you ask me my favourite from this collection, then I will settle for two. 

One is the Sylvi Iconic Coffee in leather strap and the other one will be Sylvi Iconic Sky Blue Nylon in nylon strap. If you are someone who is not afraid to experiment with bold colour watches then you should definitely go for the sky blue one. 

Watches from this collection come in a round dial with a luminous display. It has both analog and digital displays, a date and week calendar, an alarm, a stopwatch, a 12/24 hour display, and 3 ATM water resistance. 



If Chronograph watches are your forte then you should definitely miss checking the Timegrapher collection. These Chronograph watches are a must-have collection for a watch lover. They come in 19 different varieties in several colours available in leather, stainless steel, PU, and nylon straps. 

Watches from this collection has the capability to give tough competition to even high-end watch brands. My favourite from this collection is the Sylvi Timegrapher Black RG Steel in black stainless steel strap, a rose gold case with a black and blue dial. It's like a myriad of colours in one single watch. 

These watches have 3 sub-dials of a chronograph representing hour, minute, and second. It also has a 1/100th second chronograph, a date display, working chronograph movement, record split time, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

Frist and Protimer

If you are sports lover and prefer sports watches then you should definitely not miss the Frist and Protimer collection from Sylvi. These sports watches have both the toughness and stylish looks. They are flexible, long-lasting, and very comfortable to wear all day and your perfect companion for sports activities, and adventurous activities, as well as perfect for daily use. 

These watches have both analog and digital displays along with a date display, luminous indexes, an alarm, a stopwatch, an LED backlight, and 3 ATM water resistance. 


  • From where can I find the attractive collection of Sylvi watches?
  • Sylvi watches are available online on their website www.sylvi.in and are also available in all leading e-commerce portals like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, and Nykaa. Or if you want to visit their store and buy watch then you can do so from their Surat shop with a prior appointment. 

  • How long does the battery last for Sylvi watches?
  • Sylvi watches are renowned for long-lasting features and run with the Japanese Quartz movement powered by lithium-ion batteries. These batteries would easily last for 2-3 years if worn on a daily basis and handled carefully. 

  • Why Sylvi watches are so affordable? 
  • Sylvi watches are so affordable because they are sold directly from the manufacturer to the customer. There are no involvement of retailers or distributers in between that increases the price of other watch brands. All the watches are exclusively made in India by the best experienced craftsmen. 

    So are you party ready this Christmas and New Year? If not then rush to the Sylvi website and get yourself a classic watch to wear the crown this season!!!


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