Discover the Latest Trends in Stylish Watches for Men - Sylvi

Discover the Latest Trends in Stylish Watches for Men - Sylvi

Always be the man who flaunts his wrist with utmost pride. 

Don’t be the man who checks his phone every single moment for the time. Yes, yes, I know you would say why not? When every smart device we use displays time, who needs a watch?

But my friend there is a different charm altogether wearing a watch and lifting up your wrist to check the time. 

Mark my words, my dear friend, if you haven’t done that get yourself a graceful watch and witness it all by yourself. Well, you can thank me later for this. Thinking from my perspective will definitely change your life forever. 

Stylish watches for men are everywhere these days and trust me finding that perfect watch for you is really a cumbersome task. With the festive season beginning and the Durga Puja and Diwali knocking on the door, you will definitely look forward to the latest trends in watches. It is finally the season to look most stylish and glamourous. 

Sylvi has some exclusive handpicked wristwatches for you that are the latest trends this season. The majority of you already know that Sylvi is highly renowned as the most promising watch brand in India. Do not worry you have come to the right place and I will help you to find the latest trending watch that will keep you way ahead of others. 

Latest Watch Trends of 2023

Let me inform you that finding that perfect watch is truly a myth but getting yourself a watch that is almost perfect is not. So it's high time to set your standards high and get yourself the most luxurious watch for yourself. 

There are many watch trends that have kickstarted this season and all you need to do is decide which trend is appropriate for you. From retro throwbacks to sleek minimal styles to bursts of colours, get ready to experience a remarkable journey ahead. 

Classic Vintage Watches

2023 began with the rise in popularity of vintage classic watches that never went out of style and were always in high demand. Everlasting Rolex and Cartier have always been in top priority of watch lovers across the globe. 

Now everyone cannot afford to purchase a Rolex or a Cartier. So if you are looking forward to buy men’s watches, look no further as Sylvi is there for you with their huge range of classic vintage watches. 

The watchmakers of Sylvi were inspired by the nostalgic aspects of watchmaking like thin cases, minimalistic designs, clean dials, and leather straps that reflect the beautiful history of the world of horology. Dress watches have always been in demand and it's time for you to fall in love with the old-fashioned charm of our vintage-looking watches. 

Look for the Imperial collection of watches from Sylvi which are a set of analog watches with the most unique looks. The dials of this range of watches have an analog display with a date display. The dials have the curves of the mountains paying tribute to the iconic Himalayas and the pioneering spirit of the watchmakers. 

Always connected with Smartwatches

Smartwatches are a blessing for tech-savvy people. These watches are like all-rounders in the world of wristwatches and they are a huge trend in 2023. These smartwatches are an excellent option to keep you in the know while helping you to achieve fitness goals at the same time. They come in different price ranges and almost have everything you require at the flick of your wrist. 

So if you want to have all of the above then you should definitely treat yourself with a smartwatch. If budget is not the concern then you can definitely go for the Apple iWatch series. Apart from that there are different brands in India and abroad that have launched smartwatches at different price ranges. 

Sleek Minimalistic Watches 

Staying minimal is never considered to be out of fashion. Rather these days minimalism is the new trend that everyone cannot sport with confidence. Sleek minimalistic watches are like the shining crowns that will never lose its glory. Clean and simple dials and sleek straps comprises of minimalistic watches. 

These watches give a sophisticated look that is perfectly suitable for every occasion you attend. Even minimalistic watches would look great with any outfit – formal, ethnic, and casuals. So you can easily attend your office meeting and also go to the pub with your friends. 

Sylvi has some great collection of minimalist watches that is best for any occasion for men of every age group. So if you are looking ahead to buy men’s watches online, you should definitely look for the collection from Sylvi. 

Go Bold with Colours

Gone are those days when designer watches for men would only come in black or brown and the straps are only in leather. These days watch brands are not afraid to experiment with bold colours. And trust me, men’s watches in bold colours are hugely in trend these days. 

Even watch dials and watch straps come in variety of different colours that are selling like hot cake. If you will look into the latest trends then you will know that blue watches, green watches, pastel shades, and even rose gold watches are hugely in demand. 

Sylvi is immensely renowned in India for manufacturing bold colour watches that are highly in demand by men of all ages. Trust me, the colours are made in such a way that men from 18 to 80 years can easily wear them and look very stylish. 

Be Active with Sports Watches

Sports watches and quirky styles, is one style combination that goes so hand in hand with each other. If you are someone who is quite renowned among your tribe with your quirky styles then you should definitely try for the sports watches from Sylvi. I can assure you won’t be disappointed. There is some kind of retro effect in it. 

Vibrant pops of colours and huge bold dials with modern features is what makes sports watches as one of the most sought after watch trends in 2023. These watches have that contemporary twists that you can never ignore. 

There are so many options available with Sylvi sports watches that indeed makes them their bestsellers. They are the best for sports enthusiasts as well as adventure junkies to be your most trusted partner. 

Silicone is the New Heartthrob

Ever since smartwatches have become a rage, silicone bands have achieved a cult status. Therefore, different watch brands are launching different categories of wristwatches that come in stylish and colourful silicone bands that are extremely durable and long-lasting. 

Sylvi has a huge collection of silicone watches in India online for both men and women. This is the reason silicone watches apart from smartwatches are much in trend these days. The silicone bands used are of best quality that wouldn’t get damaged easily. 


  • Are Sylvi watches highly in trend these days?
  • Oh yeah, absolutely, all the Sylvi wristwatches are designed keeping in mind the latest trends and designs of the international market. Hence none of the products are dull and out of latest trends. 

  • From what places can I purchase a Sylvi watch?
  • Genuine Sylvi watches are widely available at their official website Apart from the website, the products are also available in trustable online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, Myntra, and Ajio. Apart from this, you can also visit their store in Surat with a prior appointment.

  • Is there a post-sale service with Sylvi watches after the purchase?
  • Sylvi takes all of its customers (both previous and new) very seriously. So if you have any issue with your watch, our service team would definitely help you irrespective of order value.

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