Curating Your Perfect Watch Collection Tips for Enthusiasts

Curating Your Perfect Watch Collection Tips for Enthusiasts

To leave an amazing legacy behind you should know where to start!!!

The same goes for collecting watches. The people who purchase watches for collection know the most difficult part of the job of putting together a stellar timepiece collection is to know from where they should start. 

The spectacular hobby of collecting watches is known as horology and the collectors are proudly known to be horologists. Watches are much more than just tools to display time. To embark on this fascinating journey of hoarding watches is not only to transcend the mere measurement of time, but also to explore intricate craftsmanship, exclusive designs, and upgradation to your personal taste. 

As the figures around the world suggest, the USA is considered to be the biggest importer of Swiss-made luxury watches. Though India is not in the top three importers, still the Indian watch market is one of the most promising ones. The enthusiasm of horologists in India is really impressive and the past decade has shown lots of watch enthusiasts joining hands together. 

To begin your watch collection in India, you can definitely start with Sylvi watches. All I can say is that you will get the value for your money. 

Why should You collect Watches?

This is the most important question that one should know very well deep down their heart before starting their own watch collection. Wristwatches are far more than just to tell the time. If you keep an eye on the watch collectors thoroughly, you will know that there are many men who have become proud owners of their watch collections, and this interesting community is really growing to be a promising one. 

The people who collect watches have lots of emotions running behind them. You should always know that every individual who loves to build up their watch collection has their own set of motivations. There are certain themes and genres when it comes to watch collections for men, and it depends upon the emotions attached to the individual and not logic always. 

As more people are joining the club of horologists in India, there are specific reasons that inspire people to build their collections. 

Timepieces are Piece of Art

For the majority of watch lovers in India, watches are considered to be luxury timepieces that are nothing but miniature pieces of art. Sylvi watches are exactly those masterpieces in their own right. Sylvi watches are intricately made and have elaborate processes of mechanism where so many small pieces function together in tandem. And trust me that requires huge incredible skills to manufacture them. 

The microengineering of watchmaking is truly fascinating and keeps on improving every coming year and there is a beautiful harmony between the traditional process of watchmaking and the technological advances. Experienced craftsmen have remarkable hands-on skills and look with high esteem among watch enthusiasts. 

Thrill to Build the Collection

True watch lovers are very passionate about branded watches for men and for them Sylvi watches will be a treat to cherish. They simply love the functionality and the aesthetic details of branded watches. If they are fascinated by a particular brand, they will always remain loyal to that brand and will wait eagerly for their new collections to launch. They always have that adrenaline rush whenever they come across an elusive timepiece like the Sylvi watches. 

Closer to History

Nothing is more connected to history apart from the ancient process of time-making. When you own a vintage wristwatch, it is like being a part of a historical moment. There are iconic watches like the Omega Speedmaster that explore the surface of the moon with its wearer and are a part of remarkable history. When you own these momentous timepieces, it is like being connected with those notable moments for a lifetime. 

Yes, I agree that Sylvi watches were not a part of the exploration of the moon but all the products are made from Indian inspiration and its royalty. Wearing a Sylvi watch around your wrist makes you feel rich and proud of your Indian culture. 

You gain a lot of Knowledge

Like I said before, it is not an easy job to make your watch collection. You need to have sound knowledge about watchmaking, about different brands and their products, and regarding the latest functionalities and features. So in one word, there is a lot to learn about watches before you start making your own collection and this intrigues many people to begin their collection. 

How to Start Collecting Watches

Now that we know about the reasons why people love to build their collection of watches, we should also know about the ways and processes to start collecting them. You just do not go to any random watch shop and purchase some wristwatches and make your collection. That would be a vile mistake. 

If you are finding it difficult to decide how to make your watch collection, do not worry as I am there to help you out. The below guide will not only help you to start your watch collection but also will illuminate the path to grow your collection. 

Know Your Style and Purpose

Before you get carried away with others and delve into the multitude of watches available in the market, it is always best to grab some precious moments of yours and know about your personal style and taste. It is also necessary to know the purpose of your watch collection and why you should invest a considerable sum of money. 

You should also find out what type of watch attracts you the most. Is it the classic elegance of vintage watches, the sophistication of modern minimalist watches, or the robust sports watches? Trust me, when you know about these preferences properly, it will be a lot easier for you to start your own precious collection of remarkable watches. 

Sylvi watches are brand-worthy enough to make your watch collection a stellar one. The collections that should begin with are the Elegadoom and the Professional Edge. 

Know your Budget

Just because you are interested in building up your own timepiece collection, you cannot put all your savings and investments at stake. Therefore, you should always prepare a budget as per your convenience and based on that budget only you should make your collection. Always remember, that there is no harm in slightly exceeding your budget during the purchase however, you should never over exceed your budget. 

It actually depends upon you whether you will make it affordable or an expensive one. Sylvi watches are affordably priced and will always align with your financial comfort. Since Sylvi has diverse collections, it enables everyone to get access to their watch collection within their budget. All the Sylvi watches are priced within 2000 INR making it extremely reasonable for everyone to purchase. 

Know about Watch Movements

Before purchasing watches for men, you should know about the three main movements of the wrist watches – mechanical, automatic, and quartz. Mechanical watches are the beginning of wristwatches and require regular winding, automatic watches do self-winding, and quartz watches are powered by a battery that does not require any winding. Quartz watches are most commonly used and definitely affordable as well. 

Research about Brands and Watch Models

It is very important to know about iconic brands and their renowned models before making your purchase. Do not be Lehman while building your own collection of watches. Sylvi is one of the most sought-after brands in India that is immensely preferred by young and middle-aged men. You should also know about the models of high-end watches so that whenever you are purchasing an affordable watch, you will have a better understanding of its features. 

Always Begin with Versatile Watches

You should never begin with specialized watches at the start of your collection. It is always a wise decision to start with versatile and timeless pieces that can be worn regularly on all occasions with all kinds of outfits. It is best to purchase a classic dress watch or a versatile-looking analog-digital watch or sports watch that would give a cornerstone to your collection and complement your outfit. 

So, make your most prized watch collection with the exclusive watches from Sylvi!!!


  • What types of watches are mostly famous in India?
  • The types of watches that are very famous in India and most men prefer to purchase them are analog watches and analog-digital watches. The speciality of these watches is that you can wear them with all kinds of outfits making them your all-purpose timepiece. 

  • Is it better to connect with Watch Community to make your collection?
  • There is nothing wrong in taking the opinions of like-minded people before building your own watch collection. And the most convenient way to find these people are through the watch communities. From there you can also learn about the latest launches from iconic brands and get the reviews about the ones you intend to purchase. 

  • Should I buy a quartz watch or a mechanical watch?
  • If budget is not your constraint then you can always purchase mechanical watches. Mechanical watches are only made by high-end luxury brands that are very expensive and only the rich elite people can afford to purchase them. On the other hand, quartz watches have a versatile price range and you can purchase anyone as per your budget preference. 

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