All About Sylvi Iconic Watch Collection - Luxury Watch with Leather Strap

All About Sylvi Iconic Watch Collection - Luxury Watch with Leather Strap

Clocks have been associated with humans for centuries long that were used to indicate time. With elevation, there have been a hell lot of improvements in ways to wear a timepiece and thus the wristwatches came into existence. And ever since the inception of wristwatches, genuine leather men’s watch has always topped the list. 

These leather watches are very comfortable to wear for long hours and look extremely classic. For men, leather watches are the most treasured pieces of jewelry that they love to wear on a regular basis. From professionals to athletes, all men have gladly accepted the warm influence of leather watches in their life. Even in the gallant evenings, if you need precise time information, a leather watch should be your perfect companion. 

What makes Leather Watches the most Loved Accessory by Men?

Gone are those days when there was hardly an option for men when it comes to fashionable accessories. Nowadays there is a bucket full of options still leather watches top the list. The visual nuances that are imparted by a leather watch are unmatchable. A leather strap watch literally understands the mood and the style of its owner. It is so versatile that it adapts itself based on one’s dressing sense. They are indeed the Sun in this digital world of smart devices. 

A watch aficionado would always get the question asked by others as to why leather watches are the most loved and timeless accessory. Well, let me answer this in detail. 

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Durability and Long Lasting

It’s not just like that men’s leather wristwatch are always preferred. A good quality leather watch is extremely durable and comfortable to wear. They do not get torn down easily over time and do not lose their sheen and color. This makes them really long-lasting. If you take care of your leather watch properly, it will last you a long time with a minimum of four years. You need to keep your leather watch in a cool, dry place devoid of humidity. And it is always advised to wipe it with a clean cloth after every usage to remove specs of dirt and sweat. 

Leather Watches are Versatile

The most versatile category of wristwatches for men is leather watches. You can wear them on any day, to any event with any outfit. All you need is lots of confidence to wear it. It is equally capable enough to enhance your style and personality in a formal suit and tie as well as in a casual shirt and denim pants to even a funky t-shirt and shorts. 

Comfortable to Wear

The most comfortable piece of men’s accessories is leather watches. It will sit around your wrist like a soft blanket that would bring ultimate comfort to your hands. A stylish leather watch for men imprints royal grandeur and also adjusts to the motion of your wrist. Leather straps with stainless steel dials are a match made in heaven. No matter wherever you are, it will keep your grace intact and magnifies your style. 

Symbol of Elegance and Status

For men, a wristwatch is not just a tool to check time. It is a style statement and ultimate status for them. Have you ever heard that a leather watch has been out of demand? Never. They would accelerate your look during your office meetings as well as on coffee dates. And what better way to get disconnected from the stereotyped digital world and enjoy beautiful bonding with your loved ones? A leather watch for men exactly does this job. 

It also signifies that you are not carried away by the craze of smartwatches and have maintained your sophistication and elegance to the best. 

Top Quality

If it’s not a good quality leather, then it’s not a leather watch at all. A cheap quality leather watch won’t even last for a year and watch lovers would never love them. So when you tend to buy leather watches online, you would always for renowned brands. And trust me, renowned brands like Sylvi manufactures top-quality leather strap watches that would last a long time. 

The opulent shine that comes from a top-graded leather strap watch is one of a kind and the glitzy finish magnifies your entire look. A good one is always flexible, strong, and durable. 

Eternal and Classic

Vintage style is never out of fashion and people who prefer classic and eternal style would always embrace vintage pieces with all of their hearts. Such is the aura of leather strap watches for men. No matter how old they are they will never be off-trend. And this is the reason that famous luxury watch brands still make leather watches by combining them with the latest technologies and features. 

Leather watches are there for men who love to dress in a simple and humble way as well as for men who prefer bright and bold colors. Leather straps these days are also available in bright vibrant colors. 

Sylvi Iconic Watches – feel like a Celebrity

Last year end Sylvi launched its famous ‘Iconic’ collection which is a set of analog-digital watches. They are available in two types of straps – leather and nylon. Leather straps promise an extremely classic and stylish look. 

Sylvi Iconic Watches with leather straps are available in three colors – brown, black, and coffee. These are priced at 1049 INR. These watches come in black stainless steel dial and leather straps. They are operated by the Japanese Quartz Movement. These multifunction watches have both analog and digital displays, dual time zones, an LED backlight, a stopwatch, an alarm, military-style 12/24 time, and 3 ATMs water resistant. 

They have 4 buttons – a light button, a start/stop button, a reset button, and a mode change button. The leather strap has perfect stitching depending on the color of the strap and a buckle strap. The watch comes with a separate watch box, a user manual, and a warranty card. 

  • Sylvi Iconic Black

  • Sylvi Iconic Brown

  • Sylvi Iconic Coffee

    How to take care of your Sylvi Iconic Leather Watch?

    Everyone wants their leather watch to last long. Though Sylvi Iconic watches with leather straps are made with genuine leather if taken care of properly it will last a lifetime. You need to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. It is best to wipe the strap and dial with a clean cotton or muslin cloth to remove dirt, sweat, and grime. The presence of these would deteriorate the quality, color, and shine of the leather. When not in use keep it in a cool dark place away from sunlight and humidity. 

    Bottom Line 

    Always remember that a leather strap watch is never out of style and not considered as old school. No other watches for men impart such comfort and style other than a leather watch. The versatility and elegance of leather watches enable you to try different fashion styles and outfits and still look amazing. 

    With Sylvi Iconic Leather Watches you are always on Style and never ignored!!!

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