Sylvi Watches & Straps Collection

Sylvi Watches & Straps Collection

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    Welcome to Sylvi's all-watches collection!

    It is a curated selection of all watches designed to complement any style and preference. Whether you're looking for an analog or a chronograph watch, Sylvi has something for you.

    Your Style, Your Choice

    The Sylvi watch collection boasts...

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does a Sylvi wrist watch last?

    The battery in a Sylvi watch should last at least two years, but it varies on the type of watch. The watch can last a lot longer if you take good care of it. Here are some watch care tips to extend the battery life of your watch.

    What types of watches does Sylvi offer?

    At Sylvi, we have a lot of different types of watches, like analog, digital, chronograph, analog-digital, etc. Explore the features of these watch collections now.

    Are Sylvi watches water-resistant?

    Yes, all Sylvi watches can handle water up to 3 ATMs. Furthermore, read the product description to find out the water resistance level of the watch.

    Do Sylvi watches come with a warranty?

    Yes, all Sylvi watches come with a standard 6-month warranty. If you register your product, you can get an extra 6-month warranty free of cost. Read more about the Sylvi watch warranty here.

    What are watch strap materials available at Sylvi?

    We have different types of watch straps at Sylvi, made from genuine leather, stainless steel, nylon or fabric, and silicone. You can pick out the right watch strap for you.