Unleash Your Style with Silicone Strap Watches: Features Explained

Unleash Your Style with Silicone Strap Watches: Features Explained

The evolution of wristwatches for men has achieved great insights ever since its inception. From being just pocket watches made in stainless steel to high-end smartwatches, we have traveled an era to reach where we are. Have you ever imagined there is a separate category of sports watches for men? Yes, it is there. 

Men’s sports watches are literally doing wonders each day with different features than you can ever imagine. They are made in such a way that not only you can wear them during sports events and adventure activities but also on a regular basis wherever you go. Few men who are not afraid to experiment with different styles also pair sports watches with formal outfits in the office.

 Usually, these sports watches are made with silicone, PU, or rubber straps that are robust and flexible. However, several men’s watch brands like Sylvi make several categories of silicone watches along with sports watches. This enables you to buy different styles of silicone watches other than only sports watches. 

What are Silicone Strap Watches?

In order to discuss in detail about silicone watches for men, it is important to know about silicone material. Silicone is nothing but a derivative of rubber which is an elastomer, a type of polymer. So in simple words, silicone is made from rubber. It is made of silicone atoms and alternative oxygen atoms. Because of this, it is a synthetic material possessing elastic properties. Hence, it is used to make different types of products including wristwatch bands. 

Silicone strap watches have gained immense popularity over time. Gone are those days when silicone straps were only used to make sports watches. With time, lines get blurred as several brands have now focused on wearability, impeccable designs, and exceptional performances, to produce silicone watches that blend perfectly with our daily lifestyles. Sylvi silicone watches have paved impressive inroads into the world of watchmaking and are there to stay for a long time. 

Duration of Silicone Watch Bands

The most important question that comes to our mind when we buy luxury watches for men is their durability. Would you buy a luxury watch that wouldn’t last for a long time? Definitely not. The most promising part of silicone watch bands is that they don’t age quickly and hence are significantly durable. If you buy a top-quality silicone watch from a trustworthy brand, the minimum lifespan of the bands would be three years. Poor-quality watches don’t have a lifespan of more than a year. 

The reason behind the durability of silicone timepieces is their ability to resist extreme conditions. They are robust, strong, and flexible at the same time. Therefore, they are not prone to breakage. With proper care, silicone straps would easily last between two to three years. Silicone watches survive easily during harsh weather conditions and chemical and function accurately. This is the reason mountaineers prefers silicone strap watches during their expedition as they face harsh cold temperature and direct UV rays of the Sun. 

Please keep in mind that not all silicone band watches are durable. Average-quality watch brands use silicone materials of poor quality that are not much durable. Very few brands like Sylvi use top-quality silicone material in their silicone watches making it extremely durable, flexible, and robust. 

Process of Manufacturing of Silicone Watch Straps

The process of manufacturing silicone watches is different from the process of manufacturing leather, stainless steel, and nylon watch straps. However, the design of the dial and the strap depends to some extent on the manufacturing process. The most common and applicable two methods are injection molding and compression molding. 

When the silicone straps are manufactured through compression molding, high pressure is used to place the uncured rubber compound in the particular mold cavity. The high pressure that is put inside the cavity helps the mixture to cure into the specific shape of the mold. This process is generally used for huge mass production and the outcome of the end product is more accurate and detailed. 

In the injection molding method, the process of inserting the uncured rubber into the mold cavity is the same as compression molding. The only difference is that instead of manually placing the uncured rubber compound into the mold cavity, it is injected under extremely high pressure. If the silicone straps have a more complex shape, this method is the most chosen process. Moreover, for smaller production, this method is mostly preferred. 

Why Silicone Watches should be in your Wardrobe?

If you are a die-hard watch lover like me, at least one silicone watch is a must-have in your wardrobe. Your watch box seems to be incomplete if it doesn’t have a silicone strap watch. And trust me, there are strong ground reasons to justify my point. 

Plethora of Colors

Watches are not just for checking time, it is more of a fashionable accessory. The most striking part of silicone strap watches from the fashion point of view is that they are available in a plethora of colors. So if you are a brave heart and doesn’t afraid to carry bold colors, silicone strap watches are solely made for you. So choose a color as per your mood. 

The silicone watches from Sylvi come in vibrant colors that sport a casual look. You can also match them to your outfit. You can also own more than one as they are affordable letting you buy in all possible colors. 

Different Categories of Watches

The best part of silicone watches of today’s generation is that they can be combined with different categories of watches. Silicone bands look extremely presentable with analog watches, digital watches, and chronograph watches along with sports watches. Even in smartwatches, silicone bands are always chosen. Sylvi silicone watches are available in different categories such as Analog-digital watches, Chronograph watches, and Sports watches. 

Durability and Comfort

Silicone strap watches are mostly preferred because they are extremely comfortable. Since they are flexible and soft, you can comfortably wear them for a longer duration as well. They easily get wrapped to your wrist of any size and don’t get rubbed against the skin. Hence, there is no irritation to your skin. Silicone straps are long-lasting as they are robust, strong, and flexible at the same time. This is the reason they do not break easily. 

Sylvi silicone watches are very comfortable and give the most amazing luxurious feel. And they are there to stay with you for a long time. 

Extreme Weather Conditions 

Silicone strap watches have the ability to survive tough weather conditions. So, it doesn’t matter if you are in a very cold or hot temperature. They are capable to perform accurately in temperatures as low as -20 and as hot as 50 degrees Celsius. This is the reason they are preferred in high-altitude expeditions 

Chemical Resistance

Silicone watch straps also have amazing chemical-resistant properties that make them age slowly in harsh chemical conditions as well. Therefore, they can easily display accurate timing even in the harsh UV rays of the Sun. 


Silicone straps are hypoallergenic therefore if you are unable to wear metal or leather straps, you can easily wear silicone strap watches as they won’t cause any skin allergy. If you have sensitive skin, you are unable to wear watches with leather or stainless steel straps but you can easily sport a silicone strap watch as they are very gentle on the skin. 

Lightweight and Easy to Clean

Silicone straps are not at all heavy, unlike stainless steel straps. Moreover, stainless steel straps look best on men with broad wrists. Whereas, silicone straps fit on any wrist size as they are lightweight. They fit around your wrist like the second skin. Moreover, silicone straps don’t require high maintenance. Since they do not absorb sweat and dirt like other material straps, you can easily clean them with a wet cloth or wet wipes after every use. This way the shine will remain intact. 

Sylvi Silicone Watches – your Ultimate Style Icon 

Sylvi silicone watches are very renowned among men in India. Sylvi as a brand has the capability to give tough conditions to any high-end luxury brand. Sylvi silicone watches are made with the best quality silicone material that has all the benefits of silicone straps that you look for. 

So adding a Sylvi watch with a silicone strap would be a great addition to your prized watch collection. You can choose between analog-digital watches, chronograph watches, and sports watches. The collections to look for are Timegrapher, Frist, Race Master, ProTimer, and Rig One ‘O One. All the watches under these collections are affordable. So explore our site and under the Collections tab select Silicone watches and purchase your favorite watch. 

With Sylvi Silicone Watches you will unleash your best style and would be a fashion inspiration to other Men in your domain!!!

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