How to Match Your Watch with Your Wardrobe Pairing Tips for Men

How to Match Your Watch with Your Wardrobe Pairing Tips for Men

Well, a watch can make or break your outfit. 

Usually, for guys, jewelleries would mean a maximum of a couple of rings. The watches for men can better be termed as an expression of their personality. 

The best watches should be technically and stylishly simple, versatile, and classic. So it is imperative to know the ways to match your watch as per the outfit you wear. 

The formality of your match should match the best watch styles. Now why I am saying this you will know. 

Suppose you are in an event and you see a man looking extremely stylish and poised in a black tuxedo. Definitely, this man has already grabbed everyone's interest. Then you see he lifts up his wrist to check the time on a calculator wristwatch with a rubber strap. 

Cue the record scratch

I hope, now you know the real power of a wristwatch. Though it’s a small accessory like your belt, it literally has the power to make or break your entire look. For men, a wristwatch is the only singular expression of their personality. 

Below are the tips and tricks to match your outfit with the watch

The Formality of the Event should match the Formality of the Watch

Not all watches are meant to be worn at all events and hence this is the reason there is a wide variety of watches available in the market with different tags and genres. Each category of the watch matches different levels of formality and based on that the outfit should be decided. So in order to match the watch with your outfit, it is also important to know about the formality of the watch you should be wearing. 

Let us accept the fact that it is beyond our aesthetics to choose the ideal watch. Trust me, your watch should align with the purpose of the event. I am saying this because you cannot wear a sports watch to attend a wedding wearing an ethnic outfit. It would be a disastrous fashion faux pas. 

Sylvi has a wide range of different categories of men’s watches online that would literally match every event on Earth. 

Suppose you are to attend a formal occasion like business meetings, office seminars, or just another black-tie event, you should always choose a formal outfit like a suit and pants or formal shirt and pants and pair it with a classic dress watch or an analog watch. It should have a clean minimalistic dial. 

If there is a casual gathering with your friends and loved ones, there is a lot more flexibility to choose your watch ranging from a casual to sporty timepiece. The main agenda is that the watch you wear should completely be in sync with the event ensuring seamless complements to your attire. 

Types of Watches

This further dives down deep into the different categories of watches available in the market to ensure there is no mistake. There are analog watches, digital watches, analog-digital watches, chronograph watches, sports watches, and smartwatches. 

Analog Watches: It is always said that though boys would prefer smartwatches, a real man would always stick to analog watches for every event. Sylvi has a beautiful collection of analog watches that is ideal for any business events, black-tie events, and also to weddings. You should definitely check their Imperial collection and recently launched Elegadoom collection. 

Analog watches for men sport a clean and sleek look with lots of sophistication. The indexes should be neat, clean, and easily visible. These timepieces have a date display and 3 ATM water resistance. 

Digital Watches: Digital watches are mainly for casual events and also for young crowds. You should definitely check the Evoke collection from Sylvi which is a collection of digital unisex watches. This collection has 5 watches in bold and exotic colour silicone bands in sap green, teal blue, pink, grey, and black and round black dials. 

The watches from the Evoke collection have a LCD display of numbers along with a date display, LED light, a stopwatch, an alarm, a 12/24 hour display, and 5 ATM water resistance. 

Analog-Digital Watches: The latest wonder in the world of horology is the combination of both analog and displays in a single watch. The best part of these types of watches is that they can be easily worn in a formal event as well as to a casual event and Sylvi has an over-the-top collection of Analog-digital watches

The collections to choose from Sylvi are the Iconic, Hawk, Horizon, and Velocity. All of these watches have both analog and digital displays along with a date display, luminous dial, a 12/24 hour display, a stopwatch, an alarm, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

Chronograph Watches: There is a reason that chronograph watches are known as built-in stopwatches for their split time feature. Chronograph watches are also best for formal events like office meetings, business seminars, and black-tie events and also for casual events like weddings, brunch with your friends, and even during traveling. 

The men’s chronograph watches from Sylvi are one of their bestsellers with 3 sub-dials representing hours, minutes, and seconds along with a working 1/100th second chronograph, a date display, record split time, and 3 ATM water resistance. 

Sports Watches: Sports watches are best for the men who are always on the move. Sports watches are strong, flexible, durable, and long-lasting and Sylvi sports watches are a treat to watch. They are also very comfortable to wear and are breathable because of silicone straps. 

It is best for those men who do not prefer the complexities of smartwatches yet want a multifunction watch that would be ideal partner for their sports or adventure activities. The best is these are not at all expensive like the high-end brands, hence everyone can afford them. The collections to look for under sports watches from Sylvi are Frist, Pro Timer, and Rig One ‘O One. 

Match Watch with Belts and Shoes

Another excellent way to match your watch with the belts and shoes you wear. So if you are wearing a black leather belt and black formal shoes with your formal outfit, you should wear a black leather watch. Similarly, if you are wearing a brown belt and brown shoes, then you should pair it with a brown leather watch. 

Even leather-strap watches look excellent with a casual shirt and jeans to give a rugged and stylish look. Sylvi leather watches for men are completely all-rounder and can be worn both in the office as well as to an outing with friends. 

Ways to Match Stainless Steel Watches

Stainless steel watches should always complement the metal accents of other accessories you are wearing. That way it will give a complete look which will be ideal with formal outfits, casual outfits, and ethnic outfits as well. 

Sylvi has an excellent collection of stainless steel watches for men that would give a grand luxurious look. The collections to look for are Vogue and Timegrapher collections. These two collections are the premium collection from Sylvi. 

Heirloom Watches with Outfits

Heirloom watches are nothing short of any legacy. They are not only good quality watches but also narrate the story of your loved ones. When you incorporate a heirloom watch with your ensemble, it takes your personality way ahead of others. It gives an impression to others that you are a lover of history and sophistication. 

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  • Can a single wristwatch be worn with every outfit?
  • If the wristwatch you are wearing is a versatile piece then definitely you can wear it with any outfit to any occasion. You can choose from an analog watch, a analog-digital watch, and a chronograph that can be worn with every outfit. 

  • What is the best watch to pair with a T-shirt and jeans?
  • T-shirt and jeans always sports a casual look and the best watch type to go with it are Sylvi analog-digital watches that gives a casual rugged look. You can also wear a sports watch or a smartwatch to go with this outfit. 

  • Does the watch face need to match your outfit?
  • It is not always mandatory to match the watch face with your outfit but you need to make sure that it should complement your outfit. The best would be to have a watch face with neutral colours like black, brown, or metal face. 

    Do not worry much, just wear a Sylvi watch to match any outfit to give that uber-stylish look!!!

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